Monday, 27 January 2014

Baby Watch: 10 Months

Dear Tyne,

Wow, only 1 more of these updates and then it will be going into YEARS!!! OMG!

It seems like your 9 month update wasn't a month ago but that's because it was a little late due to turned 10 months old yesterday, so this one is right on time!

We've been busy busy planning your birthday party and gifts! I've had so much fun coming up with ideas of what to buy for you - I'm currently browsing children's noticeboards  which I think would be a lovely little addition to your bedroom!

So how have we been getting on lately?!


You now have FOUR teeth! So you have been learning to use them to chew and gnaw on your food a lot more.

Your eating has stayed pretty much the same although I'm noticing that you are now making chewing motions more, which is good.

You have been having a lot more Stage 3/ 10 Months+ meals now which I'm pleased about...You have also tried some new things such as scrambled egg and baked beans, which you seemed to enjoy.
Infact it's scrambled egg and spaghetti hoops for tea tonight!

You are still very fond of trying all the foods that Mummy eats, and you're not fussy at all so far.

Lately you have really been loving drinking from your sippy cup, and sugar-free juice is definitely a new favourite of yours!

You have also been eating rusks whole a lot, which you really seem to enjoy. You also love the Organix Multi Grain Hearts.


You are starting to go to bed around the same time every night now, between 9 - 9.30 pm.

This may seem late compared to other kids your age but once you are in bed, you sleep very well and don't wake up for anything!

You go right through the night, waking up at around 9.30 am.

Some mornings you wake slightly earlier and come into our bed where you go back to sleep for a while (We all like our lay ins!) but you seem to have stopped waking as early as 5 am like you used to, you pretty much always go through until after 9 now...which is nice!

You've not been waking for any night feeds, occasionally you wake for your dummy but once its popped back in you are usually straight back off to sleep.

Your life at 10 Months

Lately you really love to play!

You've been loving your Christmas toys and play really well with everything - the Mega Bloks are your current favourite, you love chewing on them and banging them together - and taking them out of the bag one by one!

You are managing to communicate what you want very well now - you lean yourself toward whatever toy you want to play on so there's no mistaking that you're telling us you want a ride on Thomas or your horsey!

You also tend to clap your hands to say "Yes" now...when we ask you if you want some lunch, you smile and clap very enthusiastically!

You still aren't crawling in the traditional sense - instead you have become a caterpillar!

You shuffle your way across the floor by stretching out your arms and pushing your bum up into the air, sliding yourself along - just like a caterpillar!

You get around VERY fast this way...pretty much as fast as traditional we can't take our eyes off you for a second!
Your favourite thing to head for is the playstation!!!

We've been seeing a lot of your baby cousin Kier at the moment, and its lovely because you are starting to recognise each other - you like to try and eat his socks and he laughs at you while you do it! Strange boys you are!!

This month we've been home for a visit to Liverpool  for a week - I was a bit worried that you may be unsettled with the change in surroundings but you weren't at all and you've settled straight back in at home too which is great!

It's been a while since I updated on what you can do so here is a list:

*You can sit up unaided
*You can roll back to front, and front to back...and pretty much anyway at all!
*You can pull yourself up to sitting position from laying down
*You can get into crawling position on all fours
*You can make your way across the floor caterpillar style at great speed...and crawl backwards!
*You can wave "Bye Bye" when we ask you to
*You give kisses when we ask for them
*You can clap your hands when we ask you to
*Your pincer grip is really good and you can pick up small things like the Organix multi grain hearts with your thumb & forefinger
*You can feed yourself with a spoon (its messy but you can do it!)

Today you learnt to do something new....You learnt to play Peek A Boo!
When I say "Where is Tyne?" you put your head down onto your lap or a cushion to hide, then pop your head up and laugh! Its very cute and is your new favourite game!!!

Well that's all our news for this month...

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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