Thursday, 9 January 2014

Degustabox: Monthly Food Subscription Box Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a monthly surprise grocery box which is brand new to the UK.

Combining three of my favourite things....subscription boxes, surprises and FOOD! could I say no?!

My Degustabox arrived just before Christmas, and I have to say I was impressed from the start.

I had expected a smaller box than what arrived...and I couldn't wait to get inside and see what was in there!

I'm not sure quite what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised by what was inside...I recognised every single brand name (and as somebody who is often a little cautious when trying something new this was impressive to me!) and found that every single product is something that I will use.

Inside I found:

Yu! Granola & Strawberry Clusters - 5 bag multipack - RRP £2.25
Yu! Granola & Mango Clusters - 5 bag multipack - RRP £2.25
Bavaria Radler, Bavaria Lemon & Lime shandy and Bavaria 100% non-alcoholic original beer - RRP £1.50 each
Belvita breakfast Duo Crunch - Apricot & Live Yoghurt - 5 pack box - RRP £2.79
Belvita breakfast Cocoa - 6 pack box - RRP £2.59
OXO Shake & Flavour Garlic & Herb Seasoning - RRP £1.39
Bisto Stock Melts for Chicken - 6 pack - £1.89
Bisto Chef's Special Gravies - 4 packs - RRP 89p each 
Levi Roots Smoky Jerk Sauce - RRP £1.99
Levi Roots Jerk Chicken Paste - RRP £1.49
DrinkMe Chai Latte - RRP £2.20
Green & Blacks Chilli Chocolate

So when you add up the value of the items it is over £25.00 - yet the box only costs £9.99 plus £3 postage and packaging - so a pretty good bargain!

As for the contents, I was impressed with everything and felt the variety of products was very good - everything from breakfast products, snacks, drinks and seasoning!

Jon was very pleased to see some Levi Roots products included as he's often tried to convince me to buy them on our weekly shop but I've never been too sure - now that we have these I will try them of course! 
And that's what I enjoy about this encourages you to try something you otherwise might not have.

I have yet to try the Chai Latte as I'm a little nervous about it....I don't like trying new drinks but I have heard lots of good feedback on this so I will take the plunge soon!

So far my favourite things have been the Gravy sachets - it's nice to try something with a little more flavour!

I also loved the inclusion of the Belvita products as these are something I would buy anyway, and the Oxo granules are a great new find for me...I was also pleased that the stock pots were in there as I have been meaning to try them and never got around to it!

And the bavaria non-alcoholic beer was a nice little pregnancy flashback for me, as I drank a lot of the stuff since I craved beer massively during my pregnancy (even though I never usually drink the stuff!)

So how does Degustabox work?

You simply sign up for the boxes which cost £9.99 per month plus £3.00 for postage and packing - there is no commitment or contract, if you don't want to receive a box just cancel your payment before the 10th of the month.

If you would like to try this service, Degustabox are offering a £3.00 discount to Sparkles & Stretchmarks readers for their first box....just enter the code sparklesstretchmarks999 at the checkout.

To find out more about Degustabox or to subscribe, please visit or check out their Facebook or Twitter pages

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