Friday, 3 January 2014

Dressing The Baby: The December Edition!

Well due to the recent festivities some of my regular features have fallen a little by the wayside recently, but its time to get back on track!
In the new year I want to focus on publishing more engaging and quality on my blog, I feel that 2013 had a lot of filler posts so I have decided to blog less frequently but with more passion this year!

Over the next week or two I will be posting Tyne's 9 Month Update, telling you all about my current Guilty Pleasures and sharing with you some more personal posts about my struggles with anxiety.

But for now, it's time for one of my favourite things to post about - baby clothes!!!

It makes me incredibly sad that we are now into the last of Tyne's "Baby Sized" clothes! He's just gone into his 9-12 month wardrobe....I've been hitting the sales (Haul post coming soon!) and as always I've been buying for future seasons, it has been so sad starting to buy clothes aged in YEARS instead of months!!!
I swear..."1 - 1.5 years" sounds SO much older than "12-18 months"!

So what's Tyne been wearing in December?!

One of my favourite items from this month has been footwear - what could be cuter than Baby Converse?!

I had assumed this size 2 pair would be too big but I decided to try them as they were a perfect match for this outfit and the fit perfectly!

They are just adorable! They are available from fab website Cloggs who sell a fantastic variety of kids shoes including big brands such as Vans and Hunters...and of course, Converse!

I am constantly browsing the website and really recommend it for great selection and speedy delivery!

To take a look please visit

So what about the clothes?!

To start with, I discovered a new clothes website Little Beau Chic....How cute is the name?!!

This gorgeous long sleeved tee by Name It is available from this fabulous website and is currently on sale for just £5.60!

I think its beyond adorable!
I LOVE the faux braces and dicky bow print - it gives him all the sophistication and glamour of the Dandy look without any of the discomfort!! Perfect!

Little Beau Chic has a fantastic array of clothing for both boys & girls alike, and it will absolutely be a Go To site for me in the future!

To browse their website and their current winter sale, visit

Next up is this adorable romper suit from Miniclub @ Boots.

This was purchased on a whim when I returned something and didn't have the receipt so couldn't get a was on sale for £10, and I'm so glad I bought it as he wore it a LOT in December!
It was comfortable and snug, but so very festive!

This gorgeous little reindeer onesie was a gift from my sister but she was so impressed with her bargain that she told me what it cost....she picked it up in our local Tesco in mid-December, reduced to just £3!!!!
Amazing! It kept him nice and warm when we were out and about, and got him a lot of compliments!

I don't usually dress Tyne in leggings much coz I find they can look girly but my mum bought him a festive twin pack and I'm so glad she did, these ones with the Christmas Pudding print bottom are just about the cutest things ever!!! They made me giggle every time I saw him in them!

This "My 1st Christmas Ever" t shirt was obviously a must have and was bought from Tesco - I bought a LOT of Christmas clothes from Tesco this year, their range was so impressive!

Tyne's super cute red flannel pjs for Christmas Eve were also from Tesco...there's something I just adore about checked flannel PJs on kids!

For Christmas Day itself Tyne wore a 4 piece set from Mamas & Papas consisting of black cords, a white shirt, maroon tie and maroon and white striped cardigan. It cost £27.50 (I think it was reduced) and looked adorable - I wish I had got some better photos!

I very nearly forgot to put him in this cute personalised vest from Not On The High Street as it had somehow found its way to the back of his wardrobe, but luckily I found it on Christmas eve and he wore it on Boxing Day!

This snowman suit was one of my favourite bargains this month, I had been looking at one from Mamas & Papas but couldn't justify spending over £20 on something he'd wear I was thrilled to find this in TK Maxx for just £9.99!!

And finally, on New Years Eve we all dressed up - and Tyne was no exception! He wore his new braced trousers and this cute dicky bow print top - both of which were gifts from his Nanny!

I hope you liked seeing Tyne's outfits this month, don't forget to check back next month for more Baby Fashions!!

Next Post To Look Out For: Sparkles & Stretchmarks Turns 1!!

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