Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lifetime Of Chores

Lately, Jon & I have been having a bit of a debate over how fair our household chore schedule is....

He does all of the laundry and the washing up, the ironing (I cannot iron to save my life!), and the hoovering.

I do all of the cooking, the household cleaning (dusting, mopping, sweeping up, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, etc), the grocery shopping, and the household budgeting (paying the bills, etc)

As Jon works part time, and I work from home - I would say we spend pretty much an equal amount of time caring for Tyne.

Jon wants me to take over more of the laundry duties as he thinks he does more of the household chores than I do....however given that we now have a dishwasher and this pretty much eliminates one of his chores, I disagree!

Anyway...this whole debate came to mind again when I stumbled across the below infographic from The Co-Operative detailing how much time us Brits spend on household chores each month ... according to this, women spend almost twice as much time cleaning as men do! 

Would you say that's the case in your household?

One thing I do strongly agree with is that people in North East spend the most time napping - Jon is a geordie and I think he's probably the one responsible for pushing those figures up single handedly!!

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