Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Waitrose Champagne Thank You!

I have to admit - I am the kind of girl who LOVES good food and for this reason, Waitrose is one of my all time favourite stores.

I think the quality of their food is pretty hard to beat, and I shop there whenever possible and ALWAYS for special occasions.

So when Waitrose asked me to take part in their Champagne Thank You campaign, I was thrilled!

Bloggers were given the opportunity to say "Thank You" to the person of their choice with a little help from Waitrose by way of a bottle of their delicious Champagne and a £25 voucher toward some Waitrose goodies to create the perfect Thank You celebration.

I knew straight away who I was going to sister Laura, who has been an invaluable source of baby and pregnancy advice over the past year or so...and who has been a wonderful Aunty to Tyne!

So I invited Laura over and served her up a delicious 3 course Thank You dinner....

The table was set all ready with our champagne...which was just beautiful and complemented our meal perfectly!

For starters we had Garlic Butter Filled Dough Balls which were delicious! 

We had planned to save some for Jon but sadly.....Laura ate them all ;)

For the main course, we had Peppercorn crusted steak from Waitrose Easy Cook range - the steak came coated in the delicious peppercorn crumb so all I had to do was fry it - they even gave you a guide as to how long to cook if you wanted your meat rare, medium or well done! We like ours kind of cremated so excuse the burnt appearance!

I served the steak with potato dauphinois and carrot, swede & sweet potato mash....and a ramakin of Peppercorn sauce.

The potato dauphinois were just a bung-in-the-oven ready made job, and the mash was heated up in the microwave - as was the little pot of peppercorn sauce!

It's amazing how simple this meal was as everything was pre-prepared! Even with a whiny 10 month old suffering with a cold who didn't want to be put down for 10 seconds...I managed to cook a 3 course meal without breaking a sweat! IDEAL! 

We managed to save some room for dessert and wow was I glad we did!

We had the chocolate brownie pudding which is baked in the oven for 20 minutes until warm and gooey on the inside....perfect!
I served it with fresh raspberries and clotted cream...delicious!

My sister was stunned that this meal was all so simple to prepare and that it cost under £25! She has never shopped at Waitrose before as she assumed it was out of her price range, but she has been converted and now can't wait to pay our local store a visit!

She even said that the food was better quality than if she'd gone out to her favourite restaurant to eat!

I, as always, was so impressed with what Waitrose had an offer and would highly recommend giving them a try if you haven't already - throughout January they are giving away a FREE Bottle of Champagne for orders placed on their website.

So be quick - visit and get yours before Friday!

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