Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year Blog Tag

I have just been tagged by Rachel to review my year, Kerry kindly created this tag so thought I'd give it a go! - So here goes:

There are just a few simple rules: 
1. In your post, be sure to link back and thank the blogger that previously tagged you
2. Answer the questions below and tag at least 5 other bloggers and; 
3. Include the badge in your post

Lets get started!

1. Your top 5 new favourite blogs to read in 2013 

Like Rachel, I only truly got into blogging in 2013 so almost all of the blogs I read were ones I discovered in 2013 (although there were some I was reading in 2012 so if you're not listed that may be why!). It's very hard to narrow it down to five but here goes, in no particular order.

Beauty Queen UK
Handbags To Changebags
Bump To Baby
Mrs Hippo & Me
The Natural Momma In Me

I mostly enjoy reading parenting and lifestyle blogs, and I seem to get more enjoyment from reading the blogs of people I know although I am trying to change this and branch out to discover new blogs written by people I'm not familiar with.
If you have any suggestions for me please do let me know!

2. List Your 5 most read blog posts in 2013

3. Name one blog you wish you had found sooner

Definitely This Little House - I discovered it randomly a few months ago and I LOVE it. Its one of the first blogs I've discovered on my own without someone I know linking me to it, and I keep going back to read more.
The writer, Claire, has a way of drawing you in to her posts by making it sound like she's an old friend telling you about her day over a cuppa and her photography compliments the posts perfectly. 
I almost squealed out loud when I read her pregnancy announcement just before Christmas in one of the sweetest announcement photos I've ever seen...I just love this blog!!

4. Your favourite blog post of 2013 

5. What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog next year?

Photographs - I've bought a new camera now and I think the quality is a thousand times better already, so I'm pleased about that but I really want to make an effort to always use good quality pictures and take the time to edit them rather than just use my iphone snaps.
I also want to put more time and thought into what I'm writing, and write more organic posts and far less reviews.

6. Name one blog you have a blog crush on

Another toughy  - I have crushes on so many blogs!
I would have said This Little House but as I've already mentioned that one, I'll go with Oh So Amelia - the design of Kerry's blog is absolutely flawless - I don't see how any blog could ever look better if I'm honest, it's perfect. And her photography is just stunning too.

7. How often do you post? 

I used to post daily in 2013 but I am rather OCD by nature, so I found this too stressful. In 2014 I am committing to posting 3 times a week - I may post more if I feel like it, but I'm comfortable with 3 posts.

8. Share your first post of 2013

9. Name one thing you would be doing if you weren't typing this post right now.


10. What have you loved the most about blogging this year?

 I have loved finding a way to indulge my love of the written word and keep myself in practice with writing, meeting new and wonderful people, and the opportunities to work with fantastic brands and discover amazing new products that I otherwise may not have discovered.

I tag the following bloggers:

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