Saturday, 18 January 2014

Our Spooky Experience, Did We Photograph A Ghost?!!

 This week on Jon's day off work, we took Tyne to a local soft play in a hotel that we often go to.

Because its part of a hotel and it's term-time, the soft play area was completely empty so we had it entirely to ourselves.

The music that plays usually wasn't on, and the lights were actually quite dim - I'm not sure if perhaps they weren't all turned on because nobody was using it - but it felt a little eerie from the start given that it was such a big space and there was only us in it.

Tyne was playing happily, but when we got to one area he seemed to be looking around a lot...he kept looking off behind him as though as he looking at something in particular but there was nothing there.

I remember commenting to Jon "What does he keep looking at?!"

But we couldn't figure it out so didn't really think any more of it, and after a while we moved on to a different area and after that he was fine.

When we came home I looked at all the photos I'd taken....I took loads as I wanted to take full advantage of being able to photograph him in there, since when there are other children in a soft play centre you're not supposed to take photos!!

All was fine....and then I came across a photo we took in that area.

It's quite clear to see that behind Tyne...where he kept what appears to be a transparent hand or foot!!!

I can't see what else it could be and as Jon & I were both sitting in front of him and nobody else was in the place, I am very very spooked and confused about it!

I would blame it on something like double exposure but as far as I'm aware that can't happen on a digital camera can it?!

I snapped another picture straight after this one, and on the second picture you can see that there is nothing behind him! (And you can kind of see how perplexed he was acting in that area from his face!)

So what do you think?! Is there a rational explanation or something spooky a-foot (no pun intended!)?!

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