Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sales Haul!

I love nothing more than buying clothes for Tyne and I always do a lot of my shopping in the sales for the coming months!

This year I have browsed literally EVERYTHING...from new TVs that we don't really need to kids high sleeper beds - ridiculous considering my child is 9 months old but with Steens mid sleeper beds on sale at such low prices it tempts to buy ahead! Honestly....sales suck me in so much!

Last January Tyne was still cooking in my tummy, so I hit up the sales big time and stocked up on all kinds of sizes and seasons right up to 12 months!

I'm so glad I did as its been such a help having a box of clothes stashed away for each size ready to open when we need them, rather than having to run around picking up things at full price when he needed them.

So this year I wanted to stock up for the coming months too.

Here's what I've picked up so far.

This 3 piece suit is my best bargain so far!

It's in 12-18 months - We have my friends wedding to go to in September so I'm hoping Tyne will fit into it by then! I think it'll be so cute paired with a little dicky bow!
This was from Mothercare and was reduced to £13.50!

This 2 piece checked shirt and jeans set was from the Junior J range at Debenhams, and was reduced to £12

These blue cords were from Mothercare, reduced to £4

As I've mentioned a million times, I love cruising and really want to get back on one this year so when I saw this I had to buy it! It would be the perfect boarding outfit!
This was £4 from Mothercare.

I love Tyne in pink so I had to get this! It was from Mothercare, reduced to £2

I loved the fox print on this and it was reduced in Mothercare to just £1.25 so I really couldnt leave it there!

I don't think you can beat smart checked shirts on boys and Next are great for these, this was £4 in the Next sale.

This cute little cardi was a must have at just £3.99 from Lola's Wardrobe

Whilst I was browsing Lola's Wardrobe I saw this gorgeous romper suit - it wasn't in the sale but was still so cheap and is exactly what I wanted for Easter last year but couldn't find anywhere - so I had to get it while it was in stock, Easter Outfit Sorted!! 
This was £12.99

I would highly recommend taking a look at Lola's Wardrobe for very reasonably priced kids clothes - they stock things that are different from your everyday supermarket and high street finds, and their attention to detail with packaging is fantastic too!

This 2 pack of Tshirts was bought by my Mum but they were in the sale so I had to include them as they are SUCH an amazing bargain!
I LOVE the waistcoat printed one - it reminds me so much of Dr Who and since Jon is a big fan, that's kind of cool!
I'm not crazy about the other design but he'll wear it around the house or under a cardi...

These were £3.00 for the two of them from Matalan - well worth the £3 for the waistcoat print t shirt alone!!!

And finally, my last two items were from John Lewis...I love the unusual Pie crust neckline on the fairisle jumper, this was reduced to £9. 
The teddy bear is so sweet and is super soft and comfortable - it was reduced to £6!

Have you picked up any sales bargains this year? As always,  I'd love to hear from you!

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