Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sibling Photography Ideas

If you’re bored of the same old photographs clogging up the fireplace and you want something different to truly showcase your little one’s personalities, why not get creative when it comes to photographing the kids?
Professional photo shoots are growing increasingly popular and it is pretty easy to see why – they do all the hard work for you whilst you sit back and watch. If you want to arrive at your shoot armed with ideas that are you own rather than the photographers to make the photos a little more personal, we’re here to help. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the sweetest ideas for sibling photography to give you a taste of some of the best ideas out there.

Showing a contrast

A really cute idea is to use their age gap to show just how teeny the new arrival is, and how grown up the older one(s) seem. Having the siblings holding hands, or photographing their feet are great ways of showing this, or just simply lying in bed together. You could also have them wrapped in their own personalised throw with their date of birth on, too.

Giving a cuddle

You may need to catch them in their best mood for this one to turn out perfectly! There is nothing cuter than capturing an older sibling giving their younger brother or sister some loving affection. Anything from holding them, giving them a cuddle or a kiss on the cheek will make for precious photos.

Portraying their cheeky side

No doubt a favourite for older siblings who are a little tired of their little brother or sister crying/chewing everything/accidentally pinching their toys! A hilarious idea includes having older siblings holding up a sign saying ‘Little brother/sister for sale’. You could even have the little one hold up a price tag!

Sharing a fun moment

Showcase your little one’s favourite hobbies and past times. For example, if they love reading, why not capture them reading a book together? This would be especially sweet if the youngest is very young, too. Snapping any moment where your older child is teaching their younger sibling something too will be adorable, and it could be anything as simple as playing with a favourite toy.

‘Stacking’ them

This involves lying your tallest/oldest child down, and then arranging the others on top of them in height order, which sounds a little odd but trust us – it looks fab. As you try and organise them correctly, you’ll no doubt all be giggling away, which will also create the perfect photo opportunity. This looks especially adorable if you have a newborn at the very top! You can achieve similar results by lining them up in height order, or for a more artistic photo, sitting them in a line with their backs to you in height order. This looks gorgeous in black and white or sepia tones.
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