Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Smiles

I've decided to start a new weekly feature.

I can't speak for you guys but I have a tendency to read far too many sad sad stories online, and watch a lot of rather depressing news on TV.

I like to keep up to date with whats going on in the world but let's face it...the real world can be pretty depressing sometimes!

Sometimes I just need to see something that restores my faith in humanity and perks me up.

And that's Sunday Smiles is all about.

Each week I'm going to share something to make us all smile and remember how wonderful people can be and that the world is really a nice place after all.

Recently a woman named Lauren Bishop Vranch found a small stuffed animal at Kings Cross Station.

Obviously a well loved childs companion, he was all alone in the big wide world.
Lauren tried to hand him in to lost & found but was informed that the bear would be taken to Inverness - Lauren decided to keep hold of the bear to try and reunite him with his owner.

She took Twitter and using the hashtag #Lostbear - she tried her best to spread the word.

While in her custody, Lauren took Lostbear on numerous fun trips.

And eventually, after many retweets and shares on Facebook, the owner was found!
It turned out that #lostbear was actually a lion named Roar...belonging to little Phoebe who was very upset to have lost him during her trip to London....

Roar was sent back to Phoebe in Yorkshire and the pair were reunited at last!

Doesn't it restore your faith in the kindness of strangers?!



  1. This is so sweet! I should put out a missing lovey report on my daughter's Puffalump duck and my sheepskin teddy bear... ;)

  2. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this. The world is indeed a beautiful place full of positive people making a difference. We just need to get all the 'crap' off the air - lol.

  3. This is awesome. Not only the story, but that you are taking time to share some happiness instead of the usual despair found in the world everyday. I love your blog! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award - you can read all about it (and the rules) here:
    Thanks for being amazing!

  4. The same thing happened with y daughter's cuddly toy. She left it in Manchester a few days before Christmas - we posted on twitter & facebook, other people shared it, a photo went up on the bear lost & found & someone recognised the photo & had recognised him as the person who had found it had posted up as well.
    2 days later, 3 year old & giraffe were reunited - just in time for Christmas! xx

  5. Aww how sweet! I saw something on the news about this!! Such a lovely story x

  6. Aww thats so sweet :)

    People moan so much about social media but stories like this make us grateful for it!! x


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