Thursday, 27 February 2014

A new, improved & more sustainable way to shop!

You hear so much lately about sustainability and ways to live greener lives.

I have to admit, I'm the kind of person who takes the easy route on such things - if something involves a great deal more work or more expense for me, I tend not to bother with it - lazy I know, but I can't change.

Having said that, as somebody who runs a craft business where 90% of my customer base is local I do appreciate the need to support local businesses and would like to do so where I can.

The problem is - it's not always to do that.

If I'm looking for clothes for Tyne, my first point of call is usually a good old fashioned Google search - which will then lead me to a website which could be based anywhere in the world, with clothing which could be manufactured anywhere in the world.

This means that my money is not going to supporting the economy in my own country (let alone in my local area) AND it is increasing my carbon footprint as these items are shipped from thousands of miles away.

If there was an easy way to shop locally, I would do it...

But wait!

There is!

MadeCloser is an innovative new way to shop which assists the buyer in supporting businesses closer to them by allowing to search for products which are made closer to home.

I tried out the website this evening - and, of course, browsed for babies clothes.

You simply pop in your post code and search - the results show all available items that meet your search criteria but they are colour coded! - the key on the side panel shows what these colour codes mean.

This is very simple and easy to follow..

Yellow = Within Europe
Green =National
Blue = Regional
Lilac = Local!

I was very impressed to find this lovely little t shirt, made within the South West region where we live:

I then decided to see what was available from local sellers based right here in Devon, and was pleasantly surprised by what was on offer!

I had no idea that we had a local seller specialising in children's art products - but DoodleWiz is right on our doorstep!

And this gorgeous oil cloth bag is made right here in Devon by LoveLammie - again, I had no idea!

I LOVE the idea of being able to purchase goods that are truly made on home soil, knowing that my hard earned money is going back into my local community and that I am doing my bit to cut down on pollution.

And what's more is that MadeCloser also donate two thirds of their net earnings to charity!

To find out more about what MadeCloser do, please take just a moment to watch this informative video:

To take a look at what is available close to you, please visit

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