Friday, 28 February 2014

Baby Watch: 11 Months

Dear Tyne,

Today you turned 11 months old.

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?

In just 1 month's time, my teeny weeny baby will be turning a whole year old - I guess that means you're a toddler then?! Not so much a baby anymore!

This makes me both sad and proud all at the same time.

I always say that I can't believe how fast the year has gone and that is true, but it also feels like you have always been here too.

So let's take a look at what life has been like since your 10 month update...


You are now the proud owner of SIX teeth! Wow!

This certainly seems to have made a difference to how well you can manage food, as you have been doing much better this month.

You no longer have any Stage 2/Smooth foods - you are 100% Stage 3 all the way!

You eat a lot less food from pouches now, and usually have things such as Heinz Pasta shapes, smaller versions of our dinners, rice with pesto and things like that.

You manage cut up food well now so things don't have to be mushed up so much anymore - tonight you had fish fingers and beans for tea, and you ate it perfectly.

You can also be left alone with things like wotsits and milky bar buttons now, and manage to feel yourself without any choking incidents - though you are still pretty keen on ramming it all in at once - typical boy!


This has been one of the biggest changes that we've had lately - you have settled yourself into a very different routine!

You have recently dropped all of your day time naps completely! This happened with no warning - you have just completely stopped taking them! 
You don't seem to get grumpy or tired during the day so you don't seem to be missing them at all - I'm not sure if they may make a reappearance as you seem a little young to have stopped them for good, but for now they are gone!

As a result of not napping in the day though, you have started to get tired much earlier in the evening - whereas you were previously getting tired and going to bed around 9.30pm, you are now going to bed at 7.30pm.

You seem to have taken a dislike to bedtime at the moment - we used to be able to just put you into your cot awake and leave you to fall asleep, but you won't have that anymore - so now one of us lays on the bed with you and you fall asleep having a cuddle.

We tried to fight this as we listened to all of the usual "Oh you dont want to start that" talk but it was just stressing us all out - so why bother?! You just want a cuddle and we're happy to give it to you, so what's the problem!

We cuddle you for anything from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, but once you are fast asleep we then transfer you to your cot and you are then down for the night.

You've been waking earlier in the mornings - anywhere from 7.30 am to 8.30 am.

Your Life At 11 Months

There has been another big change since your last update....

Yep, that's right! You are now crawling!! EVERYWHERE!!!

You don't sit still for a second and are always off crawling around somewhere! Since you've discovered crawling, you are NOT happy to be left in the living room while we pop to the bathroom or into the kitchen - no no, now you like to quickly crawl after us!!!

You follow us everywhere and try to climb up our legs once you catch us! 

You are loving exploring and have an obsession with going out into the hallway, playing with the doors (Much to my horror!), and fiddling with the sky box no matter how many times we tell you "No!"

You definitely understand the word No, but you haven't started to take a lot of notice of it yet - you usually stop what you're doing for a second and look at us strangely, then carry right on!

You are still a very sociable little guy, and you are always smiling and waving at strangers in the supermarket - you make friends everywhere!

Things You Love

*Playing with your cousins

*Oliver and Yoyo The Magician on Baby Tv - you've started to really chuckle when they're on, and look at me as if to say "Have you seen this Mum?! Aren't they a hoot?!" - it is literally the cutest thing!

* Wotsits - your new favourite!

*Rice is absolutely your favourite food, especially if you can feed yourself!

* Crawling and exploring

*Pulling yourself up on the furniture - standing is another big favourite at the moment!

*Music and dancing

*Photos of yourself - when we say "Where's that gorgeous boy?" you look at the photos of yourself on the wall with a big smile and shout "AYYY!" - You are ever so vain!!!

*Giving cuddles - this is a new thing you randomly started with your cousin Lottie one day and it is ADORABLE - you grab whoever it is around the neck, put your face on theirs and you say "Aahhhh!" loudly! - SO CUTE!

Things You Don't Like Much

*Loud noises - the vacuum cleaner and the hairdryer in particular - you cry a LOT when they're on!

*Mummy & Daddy leaving the room, even if we're just in the kitchen and you can still see us!

*Your cot - as discussed in the Sleeping section!

That's all our news for this month, next month it's your big ONE YEAR UPDATE! Eeeek!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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