Wednesday, 19 February 2014

David Emanuel for Bon Marche: Review

I was very excited to recently be given the chance to try out a piece from revered British Designer David Emanuel's new collection for high street fashion chain Bon Marche.

David Emanuel is a name I have long been familiar with - having been a big fan of the Royal Family all my life and having scrapbooks full of pictures of the beautiful wedding dress that he designed for Princess Diana! - and of course following his recent appearance on I'm A Celebrity, he is once again very much back in the national spotlight.

As for Bon Marche - I have to be honest, until recently I still thought of them as very much a store I remember being dragged around as a child while my Nan browsed their range of older ladies fashions.

However on my last trip home, I went shopping with a friend who wanted to pop in there - I asked why on earth she wanted to shop there when she informed me that she shops there all the time as they sell lovely clothes at really affordable prices.

My friend is very well dressed and works in fashion herself, so I was intrigued - and surprised to see that she was right! Bon Marche has really changed its image and the clothes they stock are every bit as on trend as any high street store!

Since having Tyne I'm a little conscious of my mum-tum so I do like to stick to long tops that hide it well, and so I'm thrilled to see that the David Emanuel range has a lot of gorgeous tunic style tops on offer in some stunning designs and gorgeous colours!

It was difficult to pick just one, but I decided on this - the Oversized Floral Contrast Band Tunic (£20.00, available HERE)

As you can see, the print is bold & striking and I love the hot pink contrasted against the black & white.

The top itself is really comfortable, and the cut is flattering - hiding my mum tum pretty well!

I love the length and the long sleeves are a real bonus too as it can be difficult to find modern-looking tops with long arms these days! I am NOT a fan of sleeveless!

I also have a pretty large bust, and can struggle with tops as the neckline can often be too revealing but this is not the case at all here - I felt very confident & comfortable!

As demonstrated below by my desire to show off the top in a variety of silly poses....

I will certainly be dropping into Bon Marche on all future shopping trips, and I can't wait to pick up more from the David Emanuel collection!

Have you shopped at Bon Marche recently? What are thoughts?! As always, I'd love to hear from you.

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