Friday, 14 February 2014

Don't forget your Valentine!!

Happy Valentines Day my lovely readers!

Did the 14th creep up on you? Have you forgotten to organise a special little Valentines surprise for your beloved other half?

If so, fear not! All is not lost!

I have the PERFECT suggestion which can save your Valentines Day!

What could be more romantic than surprising your loved one with a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home?!

Tesco have a FABULOUS Valentines Offer running right now, you can pick up:
*Your choice of TWO main courses
*Your choice of TWO side dishes
*Your choice of TWO desserts
*AND a bottle of drink (including champagne!) or a box of lovely chocolates!

All for the absolute BARGAIN price of £20!!

Trust me, this will be the best £20 you have ever spent on a Valentines Gift!

Jon & I tried out Tesco's Valentines Offering this evening, and we were VERY impressed!

The staff at our local Newton Abbot (Robin the produce manager, in particular) were VERY helpful in helping us make our selections, and we were spoiled for choice by what was on offer!

All items were from the Tesco Finest range, and what we loved about this deal was that you didn't need to decide on a meal together - as the courses were all sold individually, you could each have something different - just like you would if you had gone to a restaurant, no need for arguing over who gets to pick!

I ummed & ahhed a while between the open mushroom ravioli and the lamb shank, but in the end I went for the Beef Wellington - Jon decided on the Gammon.

We chose the pomme puree and trio of vegetables as our side dish as these accompanied both of meal choices well.

And to go along with the meal, we of course opted for the champagne!

I have to say, we were both very impressed with the quality of the food - my beef was so tender, not a single shred of fat to be seen! and the pastry was crisp and delicious - and the gravy?! OMG it was simply divine!

Jon was also full of praise for his gammon!

The creamy mashed potato was beautiful, and the vegetables absolutely perfect - I could not fault a single thing about the meal.

The champagne was also really lovely and went really well with the meal.

As for dessert? We shopped rather late so there unfortunately weren't many options left, only chocolate eclairs or cheese and biscuits.

We both went for the chocolates eclairs and were'nt really expecting much from them - they're just simple chocolates eclairs after all, right?!


These came with a little tube each of writing icing - so we each got busy writing a little secret message for each other!! Such a simple but cute idea!

When we finally got around to eating them, I was surprised to find they were not your standard cream filled eclair at all - but were actually filled with chocolate cream!! They were so yummy!!! I wish I'd stolen Jons too!

All in all, the meal was faultless and I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend £20 on Valentines Day!

So quick, head down to Tesco and fill your boots before its too late!

Happy Valentines Day!

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