Saturday, 15 February 2014

Guide dogs improve lives

If you have ever met someone who has had a brain injury, you will know that this can dramatically alter their life. Nothing is the same anymore and many sufferers have to relearn the most basic tasks such as dressing themselves. Brain injuries can lead to seizures that can leave patients anxious and stressed. Guide dogs offer companionship and help patients with simple tasks that they may otherwise not be able to do themselves.
Traumatic brain injury can leave people in emotional distress as well, particularly if the injury is due to someone else's negligence.  Often, traumatic brain injury sufferers lose parts of their memory which can leave them in emotional turmoil. A guide dog can be a friend that offers emotional comfort.

There are mobility assistance dogs that can help with many tasks as opening doors, picking up items or even switching the lights on and off. Some really well-trained dogs can even perform tasks such as loading and unloading the washing machine if their owners are no longer able to do this. These dogs can often help sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injury to reclaim their lives.
Seizures are a common side effect of Traumatic Brain Injury. Guide dogs can alert their owners about an oncoming seizure and help them find a safe spot. This would happen about 10 minutes before a seizure occurs. Diabetics often suffer from low blood sugar and there are some dogs that can even alert their owners of this risk.

Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury can often feel helpless and lonely. A dog is a good way to combat the loneliness and will also often help people to make conversation flow more easily with people on the outside that ask questions about the dog. The guide dog in itself is often a great way to make friends.
A lot of symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury can be improved with a guide or assistance dog. Guide dogs are a brilliant way to help sufferers improve their lives and make everyday tasks and obstacles a little bit easier. If you see someone out with a guide dog, be friendly, ask them about their dog and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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