Sunday, 23 February 2014

My £10 Fakeaway!

You may recall a few weeks ago, I posted about how much you could save when you Kick Your Habits 

I discovered, using the app, that I could save a whopping £73.40 a week!!

Now £28 a week of that money was what I would spend in a typical week on eating out.

Jon & I are both real foodies, and we LOVE going out for lunches here and there on Jon's days off and we pretty much always get a takeaway at the weekend.

I was challenged to cut out my usual weekend takeaway (which would cost on average around £17) and instead to spend just £10 on a meal that we make at home.

For me, the eating for under £10 wasn't a problem - we eat meals every night of the week that cost less than that.

The challenge was to find a meal for under £10 which would replace our beloved takeaways in taste & enjoyability.

The main reason we like to order a takeaway at weekends is quite simply that we enjoy them - they taste good!

The second reason we order them is the ease/lazy factor - it's nice & simple to pick up a menu, place your order and wait for your delicious meal to arrive at your doorstep.

So in order for this challenge to be a success, we needed to find something that was a decent dupe for a takeaway meal in the taste stakes as well as almost-as-convenient!

So...we headed to M & S and browsed their Chinese section.

We picked up their Chicken Mini Fillets In Sweet & Sour Sauce, and chose some microwave basmati rice and a portion of their chips to go with it.

And here it is....

So how did it compare to our beloved takeaways?

Taste: To be honest - it was nicer! The chicken was REAL succulent white chicken - whereas takeaway chicken tends to be fatty, slimy and a little rubbery most of the time - the sauce and rice tasted much fresher, and the chips didn't leave that horrible greasy feeling in our mouths afterward - Perfect!

Ease: It was so straightforward - rice in the microwave, chicken & chips in the oven for 20 minutes - simple! It required next to no cooking, and was ready to eat in pretty much the same amount of time a chinese takeaway would have taken to arrive!

Cost: Just £9.80 for two compared to the usual £17!

All in all  we were really impressed, and when you add up that this one simple change could save us £382 a year - it's well worth it!!!!! 

I am proud to say that I haven't yet eaten a single takeaway or any fast food in the whole of February - a real achievement for me!!!

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