Monday, 24 February 2014

Review: Baba & Boo Clothing

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog will know that I LOVE nothing more than dressing Tyne up in an array of super cute clothes!

I am always on the lookout for new websites to shop, and I recently discovered a very sweet little online store called Baba & Boo.

Baba & Boo are first & foremost the sellers of reusable cloth nappies - I had heard a lot about their very popular cloth nappies but as we don't use them, I had never even thought to browse their site before.

I was very surprised to learn that actually Baba & Boo stock a lovely selection of other items such as swimming nappies, baby leggings, bibs, hair accessories and t shirts!
I was very kindly allowed to select a t shirt from their range to try with Tyne - as I currently have something of an obsession with owls, I chose the very cute Otto Owl Applique T Shirt.

On first impression I was thrilled with the quality of the t shirt - it is made from 100% organic material and is very soft to touch.

I was slightly concerned that it may be a little on the small side, we were sent the 6-12 months size which in theory should be perfect as Tyne is 10 months old and wears 9-12 months in other branded clothing.

When I tried the t shirt on Tyne it does fit but I don't think we'll get more than a couple of weeks wear out of it as it quite short in length - however upon checking Baba & Boo's website, there is a size guide on the items which explains the sizing perfectly well.

Had I been a customer ordering this, I would have been able to see the measurements of the t shirts and make the correct decision on sizing with no trouble at all.

Tyne seemed very comfortable in the t shirt, and it was very easy to get on and off him - he's at that wriggle worm stage right now and hates getting dressed, so some clothes can be a real struggle but we didn't have any problems with this one at all!

He was quite happy to crawl around and play in it all day, and seemed to have total freedom of movement and comfort!

So how did it look? Well I'll let you see for yourself!

I will certainly be ordering more from Baba & Boo in the future, we are very impressed.

To check out their fabulous range, please visit 

The Owl T Shirt is available for £12.95 HERE in sizes from 3-6months up to 3-4 years.

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