Friday, 21 February 2014

The Perfect Nursery

One of the most exciting things for me when I was pregnant was filling my head and my scrapbooks with ideas on how I would design the perfect nursery for my baby.

I spent hours browsing catalogues and websites for inspiration.

I personally decided to go with a very blue theme for our little boy, but I also adore the neutral themed nurseries.

I personally adore everything white, I find it such a relaxing colour scheme which is why I chose it for my own bedroom - it calms me and I feel it helps me to sleep better.

For this reason, I adore white nursery furniture.

I think decor is best kept simple and elegant, and I think wall decal stickers are the perfect way to achieve a fun and beautiful look without going too OTT.

But of course they should be kept to just one or two statement pieces, less is more!

When it comes to planning what to include in your nursery, a lot of things are a matter of choice but there are certainly some staple items to include:

*A place to sleep! - A moses basket from Argos is a great starting point for a new baby, keeping them feeling snug & secure - and then a cot from approximately 6 months onwards.

*Storage for clothes/nappies,toys etc - we chose to buy a wardrobe and some wicker basket drawers, but I have personally found that no amount of storage seems to be enough!! Babies just have so much stuff!

*Blinds/Curtains - Daylight and street lighting can be a problem in some nurseries, in which case it is well worth investing in a pair of black out blinds or curtains

*A baby monitor - Once your baby is in their room, you will most likely need to invest in a baby monitor so that you can keep check on them through the night. We personally went for a video monitor and now I can't imagine being without it, however some people prefer the more traditional sound-only monitors. The choice is yours!

Whatever you decide to put in your nursery and however you decide to decorate it, just make sure it's a comfortable and safe place for you & your baby to spend time bonding - you'll probably be spending a lot of time in there in the first months, so make it a place that you both enjoy being.

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