Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tips and Advice to Make the Most Out of your Pre-Pregnancy Wardrobe

If you have been planning for a baby, finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most magical moments you and your partner will share and while your conversations will be filled with speak of the nursery, things you need and ante-natal appointments, it’s also wise to stay sensible and think about what you can avoid doing too. We all know that babies can cost a fortune if we’re not careful – it’s extraordinarily easy to go mad in baby shops and spend over the odds on clothes for them, and you. And that’s not even mentioning the endless amounts of baby equipment that first-time parents are swamped with, whether they’re needed or not!

Luckily, there are ways of cutting down on your spending without affecting your pregnancy at all, and making the most out of your existing wardrobe is one of them. It’s natural to think that heading out to the shops to buy a range of maternity gear to suit all occasions should be high on your to-do list but if you’re savvy and creative, you don’t have to. Your regular wardrobe will do just fine in the majority of instances. So, while you may wish to treat yourself to a maternity dress from George at ASDA or a nice, versatile pair of over-the-bump maternity jeans, don’t go crazy until you have looked in your wardrobe to see what you already own that can be used.

* Empire Dresses and Tops are ideal for skimming past growing bumps, with some ladies being able to wear such things through to their third trimester! Maxi dresses that incorporate this line would also work.

* Blazers, cardigans and jackets don’t have to be buttoned up. You will find that during the last few weeks, you won’t be able to button up anything unless you have a specific maternity jacket but with a long top underneath to cover your bump, an unbuttoned blazer can still look stylish and trendy.

* Use belly bands along with your regular jeans and you’ll be able to wear them right through to the end. The belly bands act as a cover so that when you’re out and about, people can’t see that you don’t have your jeans fastened. They are also good to add to a non-maternity top, to make up the space that may be exposing tummy flesh.

* Use elastic bands or hair bands to keep jeans and trousers fastened. You can add up to 2”to your waistband doing this and it doesn’t cost a penny! You can also buy waist extenders too, which do a similar job.

* Don’t rush out to buy maternity knickers because chances are the ones you have will do just fine, especially if they sit nicely under the bump, such as bikini-cut briefs and thongs.

* Long tops that aren’t close-fitting and have a bit of stretch can often last throughout your pregnancy; as can items that are a size or two too big, or your other half’s shirts!

Don’t think that because you’re growing a small human, you need to cough up for a whole new maternity wardrobe. While a few new pieces will be super (not to mention retail therapy will cheer up the blue days!), you should assess what you already have first so that you’re not spending your cash on things you don’t need.

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