Saturday, 22 February 2014

What Parents Look For In a Good Child Care Centre

 Choosing child care is a very important decision. 

Parents want to be sure their child will be cared for in a clean and safe environment where they will be encouraged to play and learn. The first thing parents look for when walking through the doors of a prospective child care centre is cleanliness. First impressions count and parents want to see a clean, tidy, organised and appealing environment.

They will want to see a whole lot more once they are through the front doors, but the initial impact, the all-important first impression, will be based on the cleanliness of the centre. 

Cleanliness is the minimum requirement which is why most centres utilise the services of professional cleaning companies like AMC Cleaning to ensure cleaning is of a high standard.

Standards of Cleanliness

A high standard of cleanliness will be expected. Parents will be looking to make sure windows and floors are scrupulously clean. They will want to see all surfaces are dust free. They may check to see how often the toys are disinfected and check to see what strategies are in place in the bathroom to help create a germ free environment. They will probably watch to see if hand washing is insisted upon after toileting and before meals. They will also pay close attention to the kitchen and food preparation areas to make sure they are very clean and that bins are not overflowing.

Play is Vital

One of the next things parents will look for is an environment where children are encouraged to play. They will be looking for toys, games and equipment that offer learning experiences for their children. Many kids have to spend long hours at day care and parents will be looking to make sure that the environment offers sufficient stimulation and fun.


Safety is paramount. Parents will be expecting a secure outdoor play area and play equipment that is well maintained and in good working order. Many parents will ask questions relating to the chemicals that are used for cleaning and in the garden.
Parents will want to know if the staff are fully trained in CPR and hold a first aid certificate. They will want to be sure that first aid is on hand and that the centre has documented emergency procedures. Emergency exits should be clearly marked and fire drills should be practiced.
Stranger danger is also very important to parents and they will want to see what policies are in place for daily admission and also to prevent strangers from entering the premises.

The General Environment

Other things parents will be checking for are size and space. Is there enough room for children to run and play? What does the sleeping space look like? They may look to see if lighting is adequate and if most areas are naturally lit.
They will want the environment to appear friendly and feel like home for kids. They may also look for evidence of learning; letter charts, theme boards, paintings on the walls and story books in the shelves.

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