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Babies First Year: Interviewing Louise from "Lou Lou & The Boy In Blue"

 Each week in the run up to Tyne's first birthday, I will be interviewing a fellow blogger whose baby will also soon be turning 1!

This week's Babies First Year featured blogger is Louise!

Hi I'm Louise from Birmingham and my babies name is Jack, he was born June  2013 and is the best thing ever! My blog, Lou Lou & The Boy In Blue,  is mainly focused on parenting and lifestyle but I add a few things extra's here and there like beauty and fashion related as I'm quite a girly girl too!

1) Tell us a little about yourself before this baby came along? Did you already have children? What was your life like before this baby was born? 

 Before Jack I had been with my Husband for 8 years and married for 3 this May, we both worked full time and spent our free time just being a normal couple, going out for dinner, cinema, out drinking with friends and spending time with family.

2)How was your experience with the pregnancy? Did you enjoy it? Any complications? 

My pregnancy with Jack was fantastic, no morning sickness no issues which was great being as  suffered a loss beforehand. At around 38 weeks my blood pressure got a little too high and  was induced which ended in a C-section.

3)Tell us a little about the day your baby was born? 

It's all a bit of  blur! 12 hours after being induced s when it all started,  was contracting on top of one another but  wasn't progressing past 2cm. My blood pressure was high and I was getting really tired so the decision came that I was to have a section, which finally happened at 10.30pm. Jack came out screaming and didn't stop for hours! I was a little delirious to say the least! not the best memory but I don't think many labour stories are!

4)Why did you choose the name you did for the baby and does it have any special meaning to you? 

 We wanted something traditional and we both loved the name Jack, we wanted something that couldn't be shortened although with James being his middle name he could be a JJ in year's to come!

5)What have been some of the most enjoyable moments of babies first year for you as a mother? 

I have loved getting into occasions like Halloween and bonfire night, when it's just you and your partner you feel a little silly but with kids there's no excuse! going to play area's or soft play and basically being a kid again yourself and seeing your baby smile have been the things I love most!

6) What have been some of the most difficult/challenging experiences of babies first year for you? 

 The weeks that followed Jack's birth were the hardest. My husband was back at work, it was roasting hot and I was stuck in our flat some days and I got a slight infection in my section scar which hurt! Jack was hot and had a poorly tummy like many newborn's so some days all he did was cry! I found it difficult to cope with this in the early days as it was so far from the life I was used to!

7) How would you describe your babies personality and how she/he has grown this year? 

He is becoming a really cheeky chappy but can also whine if he doesn't get his way! I can see him being a really independent and outgoing and nothing phases him at all! he loves swimming and I can also see him being a little water baby.

8)What has been your proudest Mummy moment with this baby so far? 

 Just looking at him and thinking wow we created you! and to see his personality starting to shine through! it's amazing watching them grow into lovely little characters in such a short amount of time!

9)Was this your first baby? Middle child? Youngest child? If its your first child, has motherhood been a surprise to you or have you been exactly the mother you imagined yourself to be? Please give details. If this is not your first child, how has the first year with this child compared to your other children...have you found it less stressful? 

Jack is our first baby and to begin with I thought I was going to be rubbish and would beat myself up if I was late for his next bottle or I would go out and forget something. It's all a learning process and now I think to myself yes Louise you are doing a great job and I am exactly what I thought I'd be like!

10) How will you be marking the occasion of babies first birthday? 

 As his birthday falls in the warmer months we were thinking of taking him to the safari park on the day itself, followed by a meal and cake and then at the weekend hopefully have a little party in the park weather permitting, or an open house where everyone can pop round throughout the day and see him!

11) What are your hopes for babies future? 

 I just want him to be happy, and do what he wants to do. If I could can him just one piece of advise it would be say yes to every opportunity  that comes his way because life is too short!

12) Do you hope to have any more children? If so, how big an age gap would you like to leave before the next one?

Yes I want one more child. Hopefully in 2-3 years if we are lucky :)

13) If you could sum up this year in 3 words, what would they be? 

Amazing, Quick, Heartwarming.

14)If you could go back in time to 1 year ago, what advice would you give to yourself to help you through this year? 

The first weeks after having baby are very hard but you will get through them, and accept all forms of help in the beginning!

Thank you so much Louise for taking part, if you guys enjoyed Louise's post - I'm sure she'd love it if you gave her blog a follow! You can visit her at  www.loulouandtheboyinblue.com
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