Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chicco Activ3 Review

Last week, our Chicco Activ3 stroller arrived ready for us to try out.

My first impression when we unboxed it was that it seemed to look bigger than our previous pram.

I was initially concerned about its size, but once we folded it down (which was surprisingly easy!) I was surprised to see that it is actually more compact than the pram we had previously been using - with the previous pram we had needed to remove the wheels to get it into the boot of the car but this one fits in without any of that hassle.

The front wheel folds in which is a great space-saver, but the wheels can be removed if need be (Our boot is quite small though, so if we can fit it in then I can't see many people having an issue)

I also noticed how comfortable it looks....the seat is well padded and has an easily-adjustable 5-point safety harness and padded shoulder straps.

The handlebar is easily adjusted to lay flat or raise up, whichever suits you best.

The pram is very sturdy and well-made...and one of the things I love most about it is that its very spacious.

Where the child sits, there is a lot of room between them and the bar - a safe distance of course, but one that means they're not cramped in.

Tyne loves to sit with his leg up on the bar as you can see....he certainly knows how to make himself at home in a stroller!

Again in our previous pram, the bar was much closer so it ended up with a lot of teeth marks in it as Tyne would gnaw on it while sitting in it - I also felt that he seemed quite restricted, but in here he has plenty of space!

I found the pram super easy to manouevre  - it's designed for the active parent, and the adjustable shock absorbers are designed with joggers in mind making the ride smooth for baby.

The brakes are operated by hand from the handlebar, with a separate brake for the front and rear wheels.

The shopping basket is a pretty decent size too, which is a feature I personally really appreciate in a stroller!

This is a great stroller for the outdoors as the pram has all wheel suspension, and puncture proof inflatable tyres.

The leg rest and back recline are easily adjusted for babies comfort.

 The stroller comes with this very handy attachment - a 2-cup holder and a space in the centre which is the perfect size for holding my phone, ipod or even my purse!

Features like this are what really sell a stroller for me - yes you can always buy a separate pram organiser but isn't it nicer when these things have been thought of for you so that you don't need to buy extras?!

 To demonstrate how easy the pram is to fold away and store, we filmed this quick clip:

I have to say that so far I have been very impressed with the Activ3 - it is very easy to steer, it's spacious and comfortable for baby, it has some great features and I think the Red Wave colour that we have it in is really striking.

And I have to say, of all the strollers we've tried out so far - Tyne certainly seems to be at his most content in this one which speaks volumes!

 While we were out doing our testing we wanted to have a little fun, so we made sure to stop and feed the ducks....

And have a go on the swings of course!

And it gave me the perfect chance to model my new favourite top....In the spirit of my new approach of trying not to care about my appearance and showing my true self....I shall not be editing these and shall not be excluding the silly ones we took!

It's ALL the real me all the way from now! If you don't like it, look away!

How could I resist it with that slogan on it?!

We had a lovely afternoon out at the park, and the following day we had an equally lovely day trialling the Activ3 at the seaside

You can check out our weekend Vlog post to see more of that!

So far we are huge fans of the Chicco Activ3 - this is the first Chicco product we have ever tried and we have been very impressed with the innovative design and the quality!

I always think the baby is the most important person to consider when talking about strollers, and as you can see....mine is very happy in the activ3!

For more details and stockist info, please visit (RRP £299.00)

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