Friday, 7 March 2014

Dressing The Baby: The February Edition

Yes I do realise its now March, apologies I am slightly late with February's Dressing The Baby but it's a short month - I just didn't have time to fit it in!

So let's take a look at some of my favourite outfit's that Tyne wore in February!

Of course February is the month of love, and I just couldn't resist ordering Tyne a special little Valentines Day vest to wear on February 14th!

We didn't go anywhere for anybody to see it which was a bit of a shame now that I think about it, but at least I'll always have the photos to embarrass him with when he's older!

I ordered the vest from Ebay.

 This little outfit was something really different for Tyne - I've never put him in jade green before but I fancied something a bit different.

I have to admit that I've never been a fan of very bright colours on babies and I'm still not crazy about them now, but it was nice for a change!

I do love the "Catch me if you can" slogan on the tshirt - very appropriate now that he is crawling faster than the speed of light!

The skinny jeans were from Mamas & Papas and were reduced to £5.00 in their sale, and the t shirt was from Miniclub @ Boots.

I have already reviewed this Baba & Boo Owl top HERE but Tyne has worn it a lot this month so I had to include it in my monthly round up too!
It's just so comfortable for him, and looks super cute!

Available from for £12.95

This is one of our comfy, everyday sort of outfits at the moment - A long sleeved t shirt (This "It's not easy being this cute" one is from Asda I think), with nice super-soft cords (These are from Next) and paired with some cute dribble bibs.

He has been wearing his Mocc-ons a lot lately, I find them ideal as he currently has an obsession with pulling off his socks and his little feet get so cold - but these are FAR more difficult for him to yank off, which helps to keep me that bit saner!

Mocc-ons come in lots of gorgeous designs including Sneaker look, Ballerina Pump and loads more - prices start at around £9.00.
For more details and to find your nearest stockist, please visit Sock-Ons


If you like the adorable little Mocc-Ons that Tyne has been wearing this month and fancy winning a pair, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

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