Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life Lately...

What we've been watching....

I'm loving that two of my favourite shows - The Middle and Modern Family - are back for new series!

I have to admit I'm finding The Middle less funny so far this series, but Modern Family cracks me up as much as ever!

I have also been addicted to One Born Every Minute, and still loving Dance Moms!

But my favourite show to watch at the moment has to be The Big Reunion 2014 - I watched the last series and it was ok but the bands that were featured in it weren't anyone I particularly liked first time around - however this series is full of all the people I loved back in the day! Especially a1 - and oh my word, how nice are they?!!!!

What we've been making....

I've been busy busy busy with Mothers Day orders this month, making these Mothers Day trees...

I've been getting tired of crafting lately though, and have been toying with the idea of a new little sideline business....but more about that at a later date!

As well my crafty makes, I started doing some craft things with Tyne for the first time this month too!

Valentines Day seemed like the perfect chance to get started, so we decided to make a Valentines Card from Tyne to his Nanny....

We did some hand prints in red paint - my original plan was to put two hand prints together to make a heart shape...

Unfortunately I had forgotten how difficult hand printing with a small baby is, so I abandoned that idea rather swiftly and just aimed for getting the handprint on the paper and nowhere else!

Unfortunately, Tyne then decided he really wasn't a fan of having paint on his hands and proceeded to have a bit of a melt down....

So the project was abandoned, but at least we had a nice card for Nanny!

What we've been doing....

Unfortunately I haven't been too well health wise lately, and am still awaiting a diagnosis with the Dr unsure of whether to label it as Fibromyalgia or not as some blood tests indicated I further Auto-Immune disease (I already have Graves Disease which is an auto-immune disease which affects the Thyroid gland, but they now suspect a second auto-immune disorder) - I am currently awaiting a referral to a reumatologist and I'm hoping that I'll have a diagnosis soon as it's really difficult to live in the pain I'm currently in everyday.

On top of that I went to the Dr last week about the fact that I've somehow managed to GAIN 6lbs despite being on a diet for the last month, and to complain that my stomach/abdomen is swollen and very hard.

She examined me and can feel a mass in my stomach, but she doesn't know what it is and can't fit me in anywhere for a scan for 2 or 3 weeks. 

NOT happy :/

We have still been trying to have fun though!

As well as our Valentines craft session above, we spent Valentines day doing some Valentines related baking!

Well actually we started to....

But then I realised I had the wrong kind of flour, so it was put on hold until the next day!

But we still had fun!

I was a little worried about making a cake when I`m supposed to be dieting, so I used the new Truvia Baking Blend instead of sugar 

I was amazed at how well it worked - it pours just like sugar, and I honestly couldn't taste any difference at all! Highly recommended!

Isn't my finished cake pretty?! It was almost a shame to decorate it, but I had to

I am rather proud of my first attempt at cake decorating!!! Even if it does look more like a strawberry than a heart....

As well as our Valentines Day fun, we've also had some nice family days out including taking Tyne swimming with his cousins and grandparents which he LOVED and going out for a nice family meal

What we've got planned....

At the moment we've been working a lot on our new YouTube Channel, and having fun experimenting with making vlogs.

We're still learning of course, but we are having lots of fun along the way and it's nice to be taking some video footage as that's definitely something I haven't done enough of since Tyne was born!

Here is our latest Vlog, and we would love it if you subscribed to our channel - we post a new vlog every Sunday evening!

Next month is Tyne's 1st birthday, so all of our thoughts and efforts are pretty much going to be going into that!

It's also my nieces 4th birthday, and my sister's 30th birthday - so I'll need to be doing a lot of birthday gift shopping!
We're still browsing holiday deals and trying to decide what's best to go for, no plans have been set in stone just yet.

That's all of our news for now! We'd love to hear how life has been lately for all of our friends out there!

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