Monday, 10 March 2014

March Super Sparkler Advertiser: Box Of Hugs

That awkward moment when you need to buy a present for someone and they already possess everything they could want or need. With 7 girls and 3 men in our immediate family, it's safe to say we have been there. That constant battle of choosing something you want to get them before someone else picks it and then having to resort to the usual pants, socks and smellies. It becomes quite tiresome.
After searching for 60 presents for our Mums upcoming 60th birthday (yes, we did take on a massive challenge. Considering she says she needs nothing and She's definitely not a clue giver.) we started struggling after jewellery, trinkets, photo frames and the usual bits and bobs. Until we started to focus on what she loves more than anything, which is her family. We got to thinking about when we were children and our Mum (and dad obvs.) were our lives. We had no other distractions, no one else to rely on but them and as we've grown older we've realised it works both ways and that we can give back.

That's when we thought of Box Of Hugs. Something small, that can be carried around, a trinket, a memento, a keepsake a small box of comfort for those times when someone might need a little pick me up, or to remind them your there for them. You might not have the person there beside you, but it's nice to know they care. And let's be honest, who doesn't like hugs.
A Box Of Hugs isn't just for mums, it can be for that friend who lives far away. A niece or nephew who's having a bit of bother at school. Your dad who's just your dad and you don't tell him you love him enough. Your brother who's off to university, who acts cool but you know he could benefit from a hug. Your nana who's a bit anxious about a hospital appointment coming up, although you wish you could give her a big hug you can't. That's where we at Box Of Hugs can help. Even though you can't see them, those imaginary hugs make a difference. Plus you can keep them FOREVER.
Each box is unique to you, you choose the colour of the box, the ribbon and the crystals. We do the rest. The only the other thing you need to do is give it a big hug (so the hug can be locked inside) and pass it on to that special person.

To take a look at the range or order your own, please visit & like Box Of Hugs on Facebook

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