Monday, 31 March 2014

My 1st Mothers Day

Today was my 1st ever Mothers Day as a Mummy myself, which is something I had been looking forward to.

I'm not gonna lie....I was pretty miffed last year being heavily pregnant on Mothers Day (although I still got a card from "The Bump!"), and even more miffed that Jon got to have his first Fathers Day when Tyne was just a couple of months old and I had to wait almost a whole year! unfair?!

So when Mothers Day rolled around this year, I was excited to spend a nice day with my little family....and that's just what we did!

Tyne must have known there was something a bit special about today, as he was even cuddlier than usual - throwing his arms around my neck and giving me big squeezes all day and giving me lots of big slobbery kisses too! SO CUTE!!!

When I woke up this morning, Tyne was already in bed with us (as he is most mornings!) and wide awake...he cuddled up with his head on my tummy and kept saying "MUM-MUM!" - which is rather unusual as he usually prefers to shout Dad-Dad-Dad or Aaaaargh! (Funny boy...) - I appreciated the gesture.

We got up, and Jon made me a coffee while I opened my presents....

I was rather spoiled! I got some lovely new pyjamas, flowers, chocolate, espresso cups (forgot to photograph those, oops!) and a Lindt chocolate fondue set...Yum!

After a nice lazy morning, we got ready and headed to China Blue Pottery where Tyne and I had lots of fun painting a heart shaped decoration for the kitchen to commemorate our first Mothers Day!

"I'll just have a little nibble on the paper while Mum's not looking..."

My "concentration" frown! 

I was pretty happy with our finished product, it's been left with China Blue to glaze and we will go back next weekend to pick it up...can't wait to put it on some pretty ribbon and hang it up!

When we came home, Jon cooked us all a lovely roast dinner to finish off the day.

My first Mothers Day was just perfect, I hope all of you Mummies out there had a lovely day too!

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