Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My 1st Year As A Mum Meme

As tomorrow is Tyne's 1st Birthday, this week I am taking my own interview about my experiences during his first year!

1) Tell us a little about yourself before this baby came along? Did you already have children? What was your life like before this baby was born?

Before I had Tyne, I was a very social person. I was always out and about - going on nights out with friends, going out for meals and to the cinema with Jon all the time, I LOVED going on holiday and little trips away.
I was quite a good time girl!

2)How was your experience with the pregnancy? Did you enjoy it? Any complications?

I HATED pregnancy.

I had severe morning sickness (I dont just mean I felt sick, I physically threw up several times throughout EVERY day) until I was around 27 weeks!

I also came out in a really extreme, itchy rash which was sort of like huge hives - nobody could figure out what they were, I swear I was just allergic to pregnancy!

As well as the fun of the hives and morning sickness, I  had lots of complications too such as problems with my thyroid medication where I was put on the wrong medication for ages before anyone realised that what I was on could be harmful to the baby, I had gallbladder problems which led to me collapsing and being hospitalised, and I had heart murmur issues and a lump in my breast which meant two lovely breast scans while pregnancy too.

It was NOT a fun experience!

3)Tell us a little about the day your baby was born?

I had a scheduled c section, so I left for the hospital around 7.30 am with Jon. We were shown to a ward and we waited there for a few hours, having chats with the surgeon and various other people throughout the morning.
At about 11 am I was taken down to surgery - I was SO nervous. Jon came with me but once I had my sexy surgical socks on, he had to stay outside and I had to go into theatre on my own to have the spinal block done.

I was really scared and hated having the spinal, I then had to lay down and wait to go numb. I had a bit of  a panic then as I hated the feeling of being numb from the chest down, but the anesthetist was lovely and he calmed me down.

Then Jon was allowed in at last, and they told me they'd started the procedure - I couldn't feel anything at all, and I just kept chatting to Jon.

Then we heard Tyne cry!

4)Why did you choose the name you did for the baby and does it have any special meaning to you?

We chose the name Tyne because we were determined to choose a name that was very unusual, and not one that he would ever be likely to share with a classmate or work colleague.
We wanted a name that had meaning to us, and as Jon is from Newcastle upon Tyne it made sense - I think it's a nice way of connecting him to his roots in the North East because unfortunately his paternal grandparents are both dead, so he doesn't really have much of a connection otherwise.

His middle names - William Henry - are both of his grandfathers names.

5)What have been some of the most enjoyable moments of babies first year for you as a mother?

I think I've enjoyed all of it! He's such a fun, happy baby - he always makes me laugh! My favourite memories are all the occasions we've celebrated and how much fun they have all been - especially Christmas!

6) What have been some of the most difficult/challenging experiences of babies first year for you?

I think the most difficult thing has been more getting used to OTHER people throwing their opinions around as if they matter, and understanding how friendships sometimes change once you have a baby.

7) How would you describe your babies personality and how she/he has grown this year?

He is a real happy, smiley and cheeky little guy! He's very mischevious but in a cute way - he has such a good sense of humour for a baby - he finds things funny that I swear he shouldnt even understand at his age!!!
His personality and humour seem to develop more everyday, hes such great company!

8)What has been your proudest Mummy moment with this baby so far?

Just how lovely he is and how he draws attention everywhere he goes with his smile and his cheekiness...I love that he's so sociable!

9)Was this your first baby? Middle child? Youngest child? If its your first child, has motherhood been a surprise to you or have you been exactly the mother you imagined yourself to be? Please give details. If this is not your first child, how has the first year with this child compared to your other children...have you found it less stressful?

Tyne is my 1st baby, and I think motherhood has been a surprise because I have actually found it much more straight forward than I imagined. I worried that it would be really difficult, and that I'd not be able to manage - but I haven't really experienced those extreme feelings that I expected to yet.
I'm a much more easygoing Mum than I thought I'd be - I thought I'd be really stressed about toys being everywhere, and strict with bedtimes and rules etc - but I'd rather just go with the flow!

10) How will you be marking the occasion of babies first birthday?

I will be celebrating with a little party at home with family and friends, I'm really excited about it! We'll also be doing a cake smash in the morning, and hopefully getting chance to go out for a walk with his new bike too!

11) What are your hopes for babies future?

I hope he is happy, confident, has fun in his life and doesn't let anybody beat him down!

12) Do you hope to have any more children? If so, how big an age gap would you like to leave before the next one? 

I would like 1 or possibly 2 more, and I think an age gap of 1.5-2 years is great. I would like to adopt at least one child though.

13) If you could sum up this year in 3 words, what would they be?

Exciting, fun and special.

14)If you could go back in time to 1 year ago, what advice would you give to yourself to help you through this year?

Don't listen so much to what everybody else's experiences are - everyone is different. Do things your own way and sod what anybody else thinks.

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