Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Review: JJ Cole Metra Unisex Changing Bag

For many, many years now I have been somewhat obsessed with handbags.

I went through a stage of browsing Brand Alley every night and buying Juicy Couture bags like there was no tomorrow....

So it's little surprise that, since Tyne came along, that handbag obsession has evolved into a change bag obsession!

I currently own 5 changing bags - and I use them all depending on which pram/outfit I'm using/wearing!

So when we were recently asked if we'd like to review JJ Cole's Metra changing bag, I was delighted!!

The Metra is a bit different from your standard changing bag as it has been designed to be unisex.

When it arrived, I was very impressed at how JJ Cole have managed to pull off a design that is incredibly sleek and stylish that manages to appeal to both men and women alike.

I didn't expect to like the design as I tend to have quite girly taste, but it's impossible not to as it is just so sleek!

The bag has great functionality with lots of quirky little extra's which I personally found both imaginative and very handy!

It comes with "Grips" which attach to the sides of the bag, to enable you to hook it on to your stroller.

It has a change mat inside which folds away neatly

But when folded out is a really decent size! I often find changing bag change mats are really small, but this is long enough to comfortably accommodate the full length of Tyne (who is a year old and quite long!) - it also nice and wide!

And I LOVE the addition of a pocket to hold a slim pack of wipes and a nappy or two...such a great idea!

When change time comes, no need for grabbing the change mat, nappies, wipes etc - just grab the change mat and everything you need is in it! Perfect!

 I also LOVE the little Dummy holder - Tyne is a real dummy fiend so we often end up losing a dummy and hunting around the depths of the change bag looking for a replacement, so this is absolutely ideal for us!

There are two insulated bottle holders on either side of the bag, a must-have of course!

And as you can see, the bag is nice and roomy inside with four little compartments as well as lots of zip sections on the front and a separate front compartment where we keep the change mat. 

The bag offers great functionality - it allows you to be organised in a way that just makes sense, and it looks great too!

 I found it very comfortable to carry - the padded shoulder strap is lovely, it makes my other changing bags feel like a real chore to carry about!

But the REAL test?!

Did Jon feel comfortable carrying it about?

He has complained countless times before about having to lug around my ultra-feminine changing bags with their cupcake designs and pink change mats inside, so was he happy to carry this one around?


Infact...I couldn't get it back off him!

He loves the design and said he thinks it looks more like a laptop bag than a changing bag - sophisticated and stylish, but perfect for the job!

The JJ Cole Metra changing bag gets the thumbs up from both of us!

Available HERE for £54.99

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