Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spring Cleaning!

It's that time of year again where I am suddenly hit with the urge to get busy sorting out the house!

Surely it can't just be my house where things seem to accumulate over the winter?!

As Spring approaches I find myself wanting to sort through all of our things, and get more organised...of course I'd love to invest in residential cleaning services if I could but this time it was on me!

I have a baby stuff sale planned with my sister for next month so I should be able to offload a lot of unwanted stuff then, and I plan on doing lots of car boot sales too!

On top of clearing out, I've also been on a cleaning kick.

There has been one particular thing bothering me for the last couple of months.....

This rather hideous and pretty massive stain on our living room carpet was made by me...on Christmas Morning, knocking over a full cup of black coffee!

As it was Christmas morning and we were far too busy with the excitement of opening gifts with Tyne, I didn't try very hard to get the stain out....which resulted in it being pretty much there to stay!

It's right in the centre of our living room and very very visible during the daytime as its right in front of the window so the light shines right on it!

I was recently asked to try out a product from Tableau  -  Tableau are a family business whose furniture cleaning products are used within some of the most prestigious homes and properties in the UK.

I immediately thought of this stain and decided to try out their Foam Fabric Cleaner

This is listed as being ideal for use on upholstery and carpets.

The can advises to spray on the foam cleaner and leave for 15 seconds, then wipe off.

This sounded much too simple, but I followed the instructions - fully expecting to have to give it a second try and this time leave it for longer and scrub hard - after all, this is a black coffee stain that has been there for over 2 months!!!

So imagine my amazement when I wiped the cleaner away to reveal this.....

Not a sign of the stain left!!!!

I was stunned by how effective this product is - particularly on such an old, stubborn stain!!!! - and by how little effort I needed to put in. The cleaner did ALL of the work for me!
I am very impressed with this, and at just £4.96 for such a quality product I will be making sure that I stay stocked up - and will certainly be checking out the many other cleaning products available from Tableau!

Tableau Foam Fabric Cleaner - Available HERE

In addition to this, I was also recently sent a big box of Spring Cleaning goodies to try out from one of my favourite stores - Home Bargains!

I know it sounds very sad of me, but I was so excited when I saw the contents of this box and couldn't wait to get cleaning!

The Domestos Toilet Wipes are probably my favourite thing as I am obsessed with always wiping away those annoying fibres you find all over the bathroom everytime anybody has a shower - I get sick of wasting toilet roll to do it, and these wipes are flushable so they are ideal!

The scented vacuum bags are great for storing extra bedding, and the washing machine cleaner was fantastic too - something I have to admit that I would never think of buying, but should definitely have done sooner!

The scented candle is lovely in the bathroom, and I find the anti bacterial multi surface wipes so handy for giving a quick wipe over in between "deep cleaning" days!

I LOVE Home Bargains for household cleaning products and really can't recommend them highly enough for great choice and value for money!

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