Saturday, 15 March 2014

Top Toy Ideas For A Girly Girl!

Lately I have been browsing the toys on offer for girls as my nieces birthday is coming up.... it's always interesting to me to see what is available on the girls market as a mum of a boy.

Of course these toys are suitable for both genders, but my niece is very girly-girl in her tastes so I have been specifically looking for glitzy and glam items!

Today I'm giving a countdown of some of what I believe to be the Top Toys available for Little Girly-Girls  in stores right now.

Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Mermaid

The ever popular Moxie Girlz are now available in mermaid form!

Avery, Sophina & Monet each has a different mermaid look complete with glittering outfit and colourful hair.

The dolls come with super cute hair accessories allowing them to have fun styling their Mermaids lovely bright locks, and they can even wear the clips in their own hair!

These dolls are great quality, and perfect for use in or out of the bath - though given their Mermaid fins I think most children would love to have them swimming around with them at bath time!

To add even more to the imagination element, the fins can be removed to reveal real legs and a bathing suit for outside of the water - just like "real" mermaids! 

These cute dolls provide so many imaginative play possibilities, and are suitable for children aged 3+

Available from all good toy retailers priced at £19.99 - for more details, please visit

My Very Own Rainbow

This has to be one of the coolest toys I've seen in a long time, and certainly something I would have ADORED as a child!

My Very Own Rainbow from Brainstorm Toys allows your child to have their very own rainbows in their bedrooms - Using multi-coloured LEDS and a sunlight rainbow crystal, you have the option of placing in direct sunlight to watch natural rainbows dance around the room or using the LEF lights to display colourful rainbows on the ceiling or walls. 

This is a gorgeous night light which is a little different than the usual offering, and certainly the perfect addition to any little persons bedroom.

It comes complete with a colourful and informative educational booklet all about rainbows which is bound to keep inquisitive little minds busy for a while!

Available from Brainstorm Toys

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