Monday, 7 April 2014

Baby Watch: 1 Year Update

Dear Tyne,

You are now the big ONE!!!

Where has that year gone?!

It's funny, ever since your birthday you seem much more grown up - you suddenly seem like a proper little boy and not really a baby anymore.

Yesterday you showed us that you are actually capable of climbing the stairs - ALL OF THEM - without any help!

Of course Daddy was right behind you ready to catch as I watched in horror from the top, but you managed it alright!

So it is most definitely time to invest in safety gates! I've been shopping online for them tonight from Baby Thingz as I wanted to take advantage of their free delivery for orders over £49.99 - so once those arrive they'll be going on at the top and bottom of the stairs!

I tried to take some nice keepsake photos of you with your balloons, but you were having absolutely none of it and refused to stay still for long enough for even one decent photo....See evidence below:

Oh Well!!!

Eating & Sleeping

Your sleep patterns haven't really changed much.

You have started napping again in the afternoon again a bit (which is nice!), you'll usually have about an hour at home but if we're out in the car you'll sleep as long as let you - if we're out running errands you can sleep for 2 hours or so! (Obviously one of us is always in the car with you!!!)

You go to bed at 7:30 after some porridge and a bit of milk, and you sleep through until about 8.30 am most days.
Occasionally you still wake around 5 to come in to our bed for cuddles which is nice, but you are definitely doing this less lately - how sad :(

You are STILL in our bedroom, due to laziness on our part more than anything - there are just SO MANY BOXES in your bedroom to sort through but we need to get on with it and get you moved in there - you LOVE your bedroom and get so excited when we go in there, so it's really a shame that you're missing out on it.

We WILL move you within the next week!

As for eating, you have come on in leaps and bounds lately!

I don't know why I ever worried - all I needed to do was let go and give you time to develop on your own, and that's exactly what you did - you are now happily munching away on pretty much whatever we give you and chewing happily.

You still tend to ram some things into your mouth in one go, but on the whole you're fine!

Your favourite foods right now are breadsticks, spaghetti bolognese, rice, quavers, and last week you had your first cheese pizza which you just loved!!!

Your Life At 1 Year Old

You are a very active little thing now - you haven't tried to take any first steps yet (which is just fine by me! I`m not ready for it yet!) but you're crawling at the speed of light and cruising around the furniture like nobodys business.

You love heading for the kitchen and trying to figure out how to open the safety gate, you really study it - you have clearly figured out that you need to press the button and lift the flap but luckily you haven't mastered how to do both together yet!!!

You are loving playing with your new ball pond and crawl tunnel, and your teaset and plastic play food are also favourite toys.

Your BIG love at the moment though is the phone!

For a while you've "chatted" on the phone to Nanny when she calls (though you mostly press all the buttons and repeatedly cut her off or put her on hold!), but lately you've become obsessed with pretending that EVERY OBJECT is a phone!

You put anything to your ear and babble,and then hold it to my ear for me to talk into too - pretty much anything is a phone to you - a book, your dummy, the remote control - anything works!

You also love us singing "If you're happy and you know it" and proudly clap your hands or rub your head when we sing it.

You pretty much love clapping all the time, and you also have a new sound that you make whenever you see something that you're intrigued by - you make a very high-pitched "Ooooooh!" sound - it is hilarious!

What We've Been Doing

We've had a very very busy active month!

Apart from your birthday and everything that went into that - we also had:

*Aunty Laura's 30th birthday at the beginning of March - there was a surprise Nautical themed party at her house, so we all got dressed up in our best Nautical gear and had a fun night there!

*Days out to the park (you LOVE the swings!) and the seaside when we had a brief spell of sunny weather a few weeks ago! We haven't ventured onto the beach itself yet as we're saving that for when summer properly arrives, but we've had some lovely walks along the harbour and you've had fun on the rides at the amusement arcades!

*It was your cousin Lottie's 4th birthday so you went to her party, where you experienced a bouncy castle for the first time - which you were a BIG fan of!!

*We had a lovely day out at the zoo which you really enjoyed

*We visited Bovey Castle for a posh afternoon tea

So we've been very busy bunnies for the last month or so!

The Future Of Baby Watch!

As you are now 1, inevitably you're not going to be doing as many new things so often - so instead of monthly updates we'll be switching to doing updates every 3 months instead - although I will still be back with Newsflashes if anything exciting like First Steps happen.

Well that's all of our news for now.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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