Saturday, 12 April 2014

BioOrganics: Review

As I have mentioned numerous times before, since having Tyne I have had real struggles with my hair.

No matter how often I wash it, it always seem to look lacklustre and unloved - and I have to admit, it can really get me down sometimes.

I have been sent a fair few shampoo products to try out recently in an attempt to find something to help, and I'm pleased to say that one range has finally done some good for my hair.

I have never tried natural, paraben-free hair products before but when I was sent some BioOrganics products I was keen to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about.

BioOrganics products are all completely free of synthetic chemicals and are instead made up of natural, organic ingrediants to help restore the shine and strength to hair.

The Salon Secrets Replenishing Shampoo (£11.50) has been great for me personally - I can feel that my hair is looking healthier and somehow feeling less weighed down since switching to this shampoo, and is certainly shinier than it has been in months.

I have alternated using the leave in conditioner, and the Salon Secret Elixir (£13.00) and have found both really lovely - although I feel my hair does get an extra shine boost from the elixir.

My overall favourite product though is without a doubt the Replenishing Treatment (£15.50) - which basically does exactly what it says on the bottle!

I leave this in for 10 minutes while I'm going about the rest of my shower routine, and then rinse out - my hair feels refreshed pretty much straight away, and even Jon has commented on how healthy it looks after using this - he has even started to notice the difference when I us
e it and when I don't, which is pretty impressive really.

I certainly won't be returning to chemical-laden hair products any time soon!

For more information on the great range available from BioOrganics, please visit their website at

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