Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend has been & gone....I hope you all had a lovely time, however you choose to celebrate - or even if you don't, the extra days off work are sure nice, right?!

Here in the Sparkles Household, we like to make a big deal of Easter.

Our weekend of celebrations started on Good Friday - it was just Jon, Tyne & I that day as my parents weren't arriving from Liverpool until Saturday, so the 3 of us headed for a day out in the sunshine at Brixham harbour where we had a nice leisurely stroll followed by Fish & Chips from our favourite takeaway for tea - a Good Friday tradition!

I have a real thing about nautical clothes for Easter as you will see from the pictures over the weekend!!!

Brixham is such a beautiful place to walk around - we go there a lot, even out of season, but on a sunny day it is really gorgeous!

On Easter Sunday, we gave Tyne his Easter Basket - which he loved! The Peppa Pig book was definitely his favourite!

 Then in the afternoon, my parents, my sister and my nieces and baby nephew came over to our house for a little Easter gathering.

We had a buffet dinner, the kids watched Enchanted, and we had an Easter Egg Hunt (An indoor one sadly as the weather was rubbish!)

Tyne was completely spoiled rotten, he has a huge bag full of chocolate so I won't be needing to buy any until at least Christmas!!!
He also got lovely cuddly toys, books, and other gifts - everybody was very thoughtful!

He had a lovely day and ended up crashing out at 6 pm which is unheard of for him!

Easter Monday was unfortunately a bit of a let down as I was struck down with gallbladder pain and spent the day in bed, in agony :(

But my mum & Dad came to the rescue, they came over and took Tyne out for the day so he still had fun!

And I was feeling well enough by the time he got home that we were able to have our planned family roast dinner together, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

So all in all, gallbladder problems aside, it's been a really lovely Easter!

I hope you all had a lovely time too!

Coming Soon On Sparkles & Stretchmarks: Our Weaning Journey - The Non-BLW Way

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  1. Awww looks like you all had a lovely Easter. Hope your feeling better now Hayley x


  2. ahhh such a lovely post and sounds like a super Easter :) I love your header image too hun x

  3. Awww sorry to hear you felt poorly yesterday Hayley :( looks like you had a great time for the rest of the weekend though. Tyne looks so cute in his shirt and tie bless him xxx

  4. Lovely pics, love the pic of you and Jon. Sorry to hear you were unwell. Your parents always sound so awesome! x

  5. Loving the outfits! Love the photos! Looks like you all had an amazing Easter - even if you did spend some time in bed. Hope your feeling better now? xx

  6. Oh Tyne looks adorable with his shirt and tie on! Hope you had a lovely Easter and I love your dress!

  7. Fab, love all the pics! 4 very spoilt little children haha!

    Laura @ www.firsttwothenblue.com

  8. fab pics and as always great post :-) xx

  9. I am loving your super bright and clear photo. i can tell that you've been busy and you had so much fun this spring break =) Thanks for sharing! #mmwbh

  10. Beautiful pictures, looks like you all had a great Easter, apart from you being unwell, glad your feeling better now though x

  11. Wow...you guys had a JAM PACKED Easter! What a great selection of photos and did I see an interactive Peter Rabbit plush! WANT!! Haha. Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH x


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