Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hotel Chocolat: Easter Egg Review

I was very kindly recently sent a Caramel Splat egg from Hotel Chocolat to try out and review.

If you're not yet familiar with Hotel Chocolat - well omg, where have you been!? I suggest you get yourself acquainted as you are seriously missing out on some amazing goodies!

Hotel Chocolat is, perhaps rather sadly, one of my favourites stores to browse as I am constantly astounded by how creative they get with their chocolate offerings - forget the simple old chocolate bars and standard boxes of strawberry fondant filled chocolates - Hotel Chocolat will astound and amaze you with what they have on offer.

Easter is my favourite time to browse as they really go to town on their creations each year....and this year is no egg-ception (like what I did there?!)

The Caramel Splat Egg in particular is very visually-appealing - a simple milk chocolate egg that appears to have had a handful of white chocolate thrown at it!
The chocolate is thick and creamy, with a delicate caramel flavour to it.

Very impressive and very moreish!

Some of the other items in the range that have really impressed me are:

The Facet - How AMAZING does this look?!

Egg & Chips - a white chocolate & vanilla seed "egg" with a soft caramel "yolk" - and milk chocolate chips!! Amazing!

You Crack Me Up - an extra thick egg, filled with adorable little creations! LOVE it!

I really can't recommend Hotel Chocolat highly enough, in the creativity or quality departments!!

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