Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Life Lately....

What we've been watching...

Well, as we recently announced we've been taken on as part of this years Netflix Stream Team so we have really been getting stuck in to that job!

Jon is in the midst of a UK Job Search after some bad news about his current job so he has been very busy during the days, and enjoying the down time in the evening to just unwind in front of the TV.

We have become completely engrossed in the Netflix original series "Orange Is The New Black" - the show revolves around Piper Chapman - a young yuppy type who has everything going for her, until she finds herself serving a jail sentence for a crime she committed 10 years ago.

The show is SUCH addictive viewing - I love finding out more about the stories behind each of the characters each week, and seeing prison through Piper's naive eyes is so intriguing, terrifying and hilarious all at the same time!

As I type this, I have only one episode left to watch of Season 1 and I'm not sure how I'm going to wait until Season 2 is's become part of my night time routine to settle down and watch an episode, I'm really gonna miss it!

Let me know if you watch it too and who your favourite character is - personally I have a soft spot for Crazy Eyes!!!

Luckily, with me almost being done with the first season of Orange Is The New Black, I have an old favourite show returning to the screen this week to keep me going....

Derek is back on TV for a new series tonight, and if you didn't watch the last series I urge you to watch it this time!

I don't think I've ever laughed and cried so much in any 30 minute period before - I can't say i'm a huge fan of Ricky Gervais as a person, he seems a little ego centric for my liking - but there is no denying he is a hugely gifted writer.

Derek is such a loveable and wise character - Is is sad to say that I find a fictional character to be really inspiring?!

What we've been doing...

Lately we've had lots of nice days out to the seaside and the park...Tyne loves going on the swings, or any rides lately... he's starting to really notice them even in supermarkets and tries to steer us toward them!

Can you spot the baby in the picture above?!

There he is!

It's been lovely to get out and let Tyne explore outside more, he loves crawling around in the grass...he's much of an outdoorsy person than I am!

We live about 20 paces away from two parks in each direction, so we try to visit them a couple of times a week when the weather is nice enough.

Our Plans

We've got an exciting few weeks ahead of us, which we're looking forward to.

We're off to the Baby Show in Birmingham on 16th May, where we'll be tweeting on behalf of Cosatto, and will hopefully be saying Hello to some lovely bloggers while we're there.

We're also heading home to Liverpool for a weeks holiday to visit my family, and we're really looking forward to it - whenever I go home I tend to just stay in and chill out, but we've decided that this time we're going to make the most of having nanny to babysit and go out exploring!
I want to do some blog posts about my beloved home city, so I need to make sure I get out and get some good blogging material to write about!

June is also looking busy, with my friend's hen night to go to and then the very exciting BritMums event! Eeek!

We're hoping to squeeze in a trip to Peppa Pig world in June too, and possibly a little Cornwall holiday in late May or early July if possible.

And we have FINALLY booked our main holiday for the year, after months of deliberation! We're sailing away on this little beauty.....

Yep we've booked a 10 night cruise with MSC on 27th September - we'll be setting off from Southampton and heading to Amsterdam, Guernsey, Bilbao, Lisbon, Vigo and Paris.

We got a great deal which included parking at Southampton, and free drinks (even alcoholic!) with lunch & dinner - and MSC have a Kids Cruise Free policy so we only needed to pay the port taxes for Tyne which came to £120 - ideal!

I'm slightly worried that MSC won't be able to live up to Royal Caribbean who I love so much but I just can't justify paying almost full price for Tyne at this age, so we had to rule them out.

So fingers crossed that MSC surprise me!

Well that's all of our news for now, let me know whats new with you too!

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