Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lost My Name - The Perfect Easter Gift Alternative!

With Easter fast approaching, many parents out there on the lookout for a great alternative gift to the usual Chocolates and Sweets for their children.

I personally think that books are a wonderful gift to give, and always try to give at least one for every special occasion to hopefully help to encourage a love of reading.

So far Tyne got books for Christmas and his birthday, and Easter will be no different - yes he'll still get chocolate and some little toys too, but books will be a big part of his Easter Basket (post on that coming soon!)

 I have recently discovered one of the most charming books that I have seen in years.

Lost My. Name books are a highly personalised story book that revolves around your childs name.

The child in the story wakes up one morning to find that they have lost their name - and off they set on a hunt to find it.

Along their journey they meet an array of mysterious creatures, who assist them in finding the right letters.

The story is told in a rhyming fashion which gives it a great rhythm when reading it aloud, and the illustrations are quite simply stunning.

They are a little darker and more artsy than you find in most childrens books - they remind me very much of movies like Coraline and Tim Burton animations - things are charming but its not all bright colours and OTT rainbows & butterflies - I like that this book incorporates a mix of real creatures and mythical ones but doesn't feel the need to stick to fairies and unicorns - Trolls and Yeti's and similar are in there too, but they're not so scary after all - a great way to set aside any little fears kids may have about these mythical beings.

And of course, there is a happy ending.

I find the books completely charming, and I love the message included at the beginning

The books are available from for £18.99 with free worldwide shipping - and if you enter the discount code HappyEaster you will receive 15% off .

Why not take a look, or if nothing else - give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter to show support for such a wonderful and inventive idea!

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