Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Meet My April Advertiser!

How It All Began 

Over recent years a number of friends had tried their hand at making jewellery. 
It was always something I liked the idea of but never got around to giving a go. 

I have a chronic health condition and that was taking up all of my attention.
Then a few months ago while chatting to a friend whom I met while volunteering told me she used to teach jewellery making and got her equipment out and gave me a tutorial.
I was hooked!

There is a lot of jewellery out there handmade by individuals wanting to make money from it but my jewellery is different because I make it firstly out of love and enjoyment of the craft.

I love the creativity and seeing others enjoy pieces I have designed. The money is nice but I have a paid job so what I earn is mainly to keep me restocked and have a little extra in my pocket – for this reason I am able to keep my prices fairly low (people comment a lot how little my products cost).

My Style

Some people say I have a definitive style, others say I have none! If I do have a style then I would say it leans toward the vintage.
However, this isn’t the only type I do; I also have a wide range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets some very contemporary. I specialise in making pieces of jewellery made from gemstone beads rather than acrylic and glass (but do occasionally use the latter two).

I only sell on Folksy.com at the moment. This is because it is a British based craft site (much like Etsy but smaller). You can buy from abroad through this site but only British based crafters can upload items to sell. 

Rather than selling anywhere and everywhere I want my work to be available to local people first. 
Additionally, I also sell jewellery making supplies, so if you are a fellow maker then I have lots of items in my shop that you may like to buy, and if I don’t have what you want just ask because I can probably get hold of it.

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