Friday, 25 April 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Review

I was recently sent a gorgeous package of Montagne Jeunesse products to try out and have a good old pamper session with!

The package was extremely generous as you can see, and I had so many choices of face masks to try out.

I have always known Montagne Jeunesse for their face masks - infact their peel off masks were one of my favourite pocket money treats as a teenager! - but I was surprised to also receive a tub of Acai Body Smoothie and a bottle of Foot Cooler - I had no idea that Montagne Jeunesse produced other products such as these.

I tried out the Foot Cooler after a particularly long seaside walk in the sunshine when my feet were at their most tired and stressed, and I found it very relaxing. The spearmint and peppermint combination really gives a noticeable cooling effect and I honestly felt as though my skin was able to breathe...if that makes any sense!

The Acai body smoothie was gorgeous to use - it smells so fruity and delicious, and feels so much richer than traditional body butters which I have personally never been a fan of.

As for the Face masks, these only arrived a couple of weeks ago so even if I did one a night (Which I wouldnt recommend!) I still wouldn't have been able to try them all - but I have tried a good mix of them to give a rounded opinion.

My favourite have been the fabric masks which are pre soaked material masks that you place on your face - I love these as there is no mess involved and no fuss, they are so simple to use and really leave my skin tingling and feeling refreshed.

The ones I surprisingly didn't get on too well with were the peel off masks - I used to love these when I was younger but the one I tried I found didn't peel off very easily, and I was left with lots of sticky bits on my face which I didn't find particularly enjoyable.

Another favourite was the Creamy Coconut - this smelled amazing!!! And I feel that it really left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I would certainly buy that particular mask again, and when you take into account that these face masks only cost around £1 they are well worth a try - such a bargain for a little pick me up!

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse products before? As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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