Saturday, 12 April 2014

Outdoor Fun Supplies

Now that summer is on its way, I've been getting rather excited thinking of different outdoor activities I can introduce Tyne to.

We don't have a huge back yard space but its big enough for some bits & pieces, and we are lucky that we have 2 lovely parks and a lovely woods just a few feet away from our door.

Here are some of the activities I'm looking forward to trying out this Summer:

Forest Exploring

I think he'll just love going off on an adventure through the woods or maybe even nearby Haldon Forest - he loves seeing different flowers so I think seeing the trees, and the different sounds and smells will be really exciting for him.
I'll need to invest in a nice pair of boys wellies first of course!

Sand & Water Play

An old classic of course - Tyne has yet to actually experience the feel of sand and has only seen it at a distance. I'm looking forward to seeing how he likes it, and introducing some different ways to play with it.

Sugar Spider Hunting

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was collect "Sugar Spiders" in jars - I was always convinced they were real fluffy spiders and I loved to keep them in old coffee jars and feed them sugar every morning! 
 I realise Tyne is too young for this, but I think he'll love seeing and feeling the "Sugar Spiders"!


Chalking outdoors is one of my favourite summer time games with my nieces - we draw around each other bodies and then take it in turns to draw clothes on each other, and have a "Fashion designer" contest!

What are your favourite summer time outdoors activities?

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