Thursday, 24 April 2014

Perfect holiday packing with Monsoon

I've been bitten by the holiday fever bug.

Everybody around me is talking about their holiday plans and I am still yet to make any definite decisions on where to go and when!

Hearing my friends talk about their beach holidays has really put me in the mood to go somewhere warm and sunny, but of course it's difficult when - like me - you don't fly!

I'm forever browsing cruise holidays but its difficult with a 1 year old to consider, especially when cruise companies like to charge an arm & a leg for toddlers!

SO I'm yet to make any definite decisions, but that doesn't stop me day dreaming about what kind of clothes I'll be packing when I do eventually book a holiday.

Packing is something I usually hate, but packing for a big holiday is somehow always fun!

I am always the girl lugging the 2 tonne suitcase around, bursting at the seams with far too many outfit choices and "just in case" items - the beauty of a cruise is that there is no baggage limitations so I take full advantage of this!!

If you want some ideas and tops on packing for your beach holiday, check out Monsoon's new video - I am lusting after the maxi dress and the white kaftan!

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