Sunday, 13 April 2014

Seaside Saturdays....

I can't begin to explain how welcome this sight was to me this weekend.

I've never been Devon's biggest advocate - but when the sun comes out to play, I'm drawn to the seaside immediately and it's then that I start to truly appreciate where we live.

I love the sea.

Something about it makes me feel peaceful.

I'm not sure why....I'm not a good swimmer, and deep open water scares me....but standing at the seaside (or on a massive luxurious cruise ship, naturally!) soothes me.

Something about seeing how far out it goes makes me think of how much is out there - so much possibility, and so much wonder in the world. It makes my little problems seem insignificant, and sometimes that's a welcome feeling.

This weekend, the sun has decided to greet us at last and we had one of the warmest days I can remember having in a long time.

So we headed to one of our many nearby beaches at Teignmouth.

I'm bored of Torquay now - we've been there too often. We're saving all the seaside fun that Exmouth has to offer for when Summer properly kicks in.

So Teignmouth seemed like a good place to go.

We went for a walk along the sea front, and stood for a while just admiring the view.

Tyne seems to love the water too - I'm pleased about that.

Tyne of course was in his trike - he much prefers it to his buggy these days, where has my baby gone?!

After our walk we stopped at a seaside cafe for some chips, followed by some ice cream for Tyne - what's a trip to the seaside without ice cream?!

And then we spent some time just sitting in some pretty gardens, relaxing in the sunshine....

I love these days....I'm so looking forward to visits to other seaside towns nearby....Dawlish, Lyme Regis, Starcross and all the rest....Roll on summer!!!

We tried to get a nice summery family photo while we were out...quite difficult with no fourth person to take the shot! Hence a lot of out takes....

But eventually we managed to get one where all 3 of us were looking at the camera together...

Not the best photo ever, but it'll do for now!

I hope you've all been enjoying better weather where you are lately too.

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