Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The world’s hunkiest footballers

The World Cup is right around the corner and every tournament seems to generate a new hunky sexy footballing superstar. Those of us old enough to remember clearly France 98 will remember one David Beckham bursting onto the world sexy soccer scene, for example, so there my well be a few hunks waiting in the wings. But here are three we already know are some of the best looking players on the planet who should – all being well – be showing off their silky skills along with their nice legs and other attributes in Brazil this summer….

One guy that helps make a boring football match far more interesting is Gerard Pique who plays his club football for Barcelona. He is surely Spain’s sexiest player with a body to die for – whilst his visage is very easy on the eye, too.

But when you add into that volatile mix his stubble, baby blue eyes and sumptuous lips, you’ve pretty much got everything a girl could need in one sizzling hot Spanish package. So the further Spain go in the competition, the better, as far as we’re concerned. They may well go all the way – they are the holders after all and are around 6-1 with Betfair to be lifting the winner’s trophy on July 13th. And if they do, we can dream about going the distance with Gerard too.

Of course, if that is the case, we may well be enough for a nice Spanish twosome courtesy of the goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, who plays his club football with Real Madrid. Iker is a broody, sultry kind of guy who is known to have a bit of a Spanish temper but a great body.

But perhaps the pick of the payers is fellow Iberian and fellow Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo? Cristiano has the kind of Latin lover looks that appeal to a lot of ladies – and when it’s hot, he tends to strip off his shirt at the end of the game and show off his rippling brown torso that looks like it’s been coated with olive oil; a sight you won’t forget in a hurry. But be sure to catch Ronaldo’s Portugal when they play, as they aren’t expected to do all that well in the tournament. Currently, Portugal are better than 33-1 with Betfair.

Current favorites with Betfair are Brazil, with too many hunks to choose from. 
Then when you think about the Italians, Argentineans, Uruguayans, and all the other nations, it may well be worth tuning into the World Cup this summer – but the football is something of a sideshow!

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