Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tyne's 1st Birthday

A week ago today, my little baby boy turned 1.

After weeks and weeks of preparation and planning, the big day was finally here - it was stressful in parts but overall I'm happy to say it all went without a hitch and a fun day was had by all.

Tyne slept in until around 10 am, and then came downstairs to be greeted by his gifts from us - he was delighted with them but I think the ball pond was his favourite, it's certainly what he's played with the most since!

A little later on in the morning, my Mum & Dad came over to bring their gifts for Tyne....which of course he loved! (A new swing and slide, some little toys too AND a weekend in Peppa Pig World for the 3 of us to take in exciting!)

Then we did his cake smash - which was SO much fun! You can read all about it and see our photos HERE

Then, after a quick nap, it was time to get dressed for his birthday party.....

I absolutely adored him in the gorgeous little suit I bought from Chico Lico Kidswear

And Nanny bought him some beautiful shoes to go with it too!

His party was all set up ready....the theme was baby blue and teddy bears picnic, and all his little guests brought along a teddy bear friend to join them.

I tried to keep the food in with the teddy bears picnic and blue theme as much as possible - with teddy bear shaped sandwhiches, cakes and crisps and blue straws & cups, blue biscuits and fairy cakes decorated with blue edible glitter. 

The party bags and balloons kept in with the theme too....

I made the birthday cake myself and, for my first attempt at a cake, I thought it turned out quite well!

We had a visit from Peppa Pig at the party

And played lots of lovely party games like Pass The Parcel

And of course, there was a disco and bubbles too!

Tyne got some lovely gifts from his friends and family ... here are the ones from his party guests

I just love the Peter Rabbit gifts that my sister bought him!

All in all, Tyne had a lovely 1st birthday .... and Mummy is just glad that they only come around once a year! Phew!!

To see Tyne's birthday in video, watch below!

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  1. Lovely theme. I love all the teddy bears. He looked like he had a great day and the cake smash looked a lot of fun! I'm doing a number one for Abby's cake. Has it be a number 1 for their first! xx

  2. Looks lovely, I do wonder how peppa pig went down. I wasn't such a big fan of people in costumes when I was younger xD

  3. Awww looks like Tyne had a fab day, he's so adorable! The cake looks amazing, well done! :) xx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  4. great photos of him there - love the one with the chocolate cake :D

  5. He's so gorgeous! Looks like he had a wonderful day, I love the theme you went for x

  6. This looks like a fab kids party! Well done you!

  7. my little one is crazy about peppa too. Hope you have a great time at Peppa World

  8. aw he is so cute :D happy birthday Tyne!

  9. Its looks as if it was a great party and Tyne looked cute

  10. What a lucky boy! And a special day all round :) Congratulations :)

  11. Seems like a lovely day. I really like the teddy bear shaped sandwiches...nice touch!

  12. Looks like he had a great time and has lots of lovely presents :o)

  13. he looks so cute, my little one is 2 and is terrified of people in suits :-( she loves peppa too, hoping to take her to see the live tour, maybe if we are quite far from the stage, we will be ok

  14. Lovely photos he is a little cracker :)

  15. Oh my - the little suit he is wearing is adorable! He doesn't look too impressed with Peppa Pig though haha! Looks like such a lovely day with loads of brilliant presents :) xx

  16. Aw this looks like such a lovely party :) x

  17. lovely photos hes so cute xx

  18. What a great party! I feel jealous of your photos - I have no photos of my son's first birthday as the camera had a fault!

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  19. Ahhhhh! Gorgeous. I had never though of cutting sandwiches into shapes with our cookie cutters but they really do look fabulous. Stunning party...Happy 1st little one. x


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