Saturday, 26 April 2014

We're on the Netflix #StreamTeam!

We are very excited to be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam for the next 12 months!

Netflix very kindly set us up with everything needed to watch Netflix along with a 12 month subscription to the service - we've been enjoying this for the last few weeks now and I wanted to give a bit of an intro to how we've been finding it all so far.

We use the Apple TV we were sent to view Netflix through our living room TV (We only have the one TV in the house as I don't like to overload on it!), and we have found this so easy to use.

As with all Apple products, its so easy to set up and we were online and watching Netflix within 5 minutes of opening the package.

We find the easiest way to control Netflix is using the Ipad Mini as this acts as sort of a remote control - we use the Mirroring function so that what is seen on our Ipad screen is sent straight to the TV via the Apple TV - making it easy to search for programmes to watch etc.

We've now got our own viewing profiles and lists set up, where we save all of our "To Watch" movies and series so that we don't need to search through the thousands of available titles each time.

The amount of choice available with Netflix is mind blowing - Jon & I were both like little children squealing with excitement the first night we scrolled though, at just how much was available at the touch of a button.

My movie list is filled with old 80s classics, romcoms galore and documentaries and his is filled with zombie movies and cowboy & western classics.

Even Tyne has a list and has so far enjoyed watching the Thomas The Tank Engine movie and Elmo In Grouchland - my nieces are in Disney Heaven whenever they come to visit too with a HUGE variety of Disney Classics available (Enchanted, Mary Poppins & Tangled being the most viewed so far!)

Turbo FAST has also been a big hit, and they have been loving the new episodes available!

As for Jon & I - we have enjoyed watching movies we've been meaning to get around to for a long time (21 Jump Street was hilarious and we've wanted to see that for so long!) and have been enjoying settling down of an evening to watch great series such as Dexter and Orange Is The New Black together (A new obsession of mine!)

*product kindly sent free of charge for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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