Tuesday, 29 April 2014

You know you're a Blogger when....

*You check your social media, emails & new comments before you have your first cup of coffee in the morning...

*Your meals are often served cold after you've spent 10 minutes in the kitchen photographing them before serving....

*You have notes everywhere filled with scribbles of blog ideas that come to you at random moments throughout the day....

*A selfie check is more important than a mirror check....

*And you wish that Instagram Filters could be applied to the eyes of anyone who looks at you in the real world.....

*You have an Iphone/pad shaped dent in the palm of your hand...(ok not really, but I`m sure its not far away....)

*Your 1 year old understands the words "Hang on...Instagram!"...mean "Stay there and carry on looking cute while Mummy takes a photo"

*....and he understands how to smile for the camera, can take his own selfie and will probably have his own blog in the next few years.....

*Your camera is as essential on any outing as your house keys....

*Your partner has asked "You're not going to blog about this are you?" when he's said something embarrassing...

*And he also usually asks what blog you saw something on whenever you want to buy something or visit a particular place....

*Your friends & family know your news before you tell them....because they read it first on your blog!

*Your recycling pile looks something like this at the end of each week.......

*Your postman has asked if you have ever sought help for your online shopping addiction....

*...or has asked if "Sparkles" (Insert your own blog name here)  is your real name....

What would you add to this list?! 

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  1. oh my gosh this is so true :')
    i definitely am not far off an iphone shaped hand dint!
    Fran - Frannymac.blogspot.com

  2. The ones about your other half are so true! Totally agree with every point! We are a rare species aren't we lol

  3. Haha love this! Mark definitly isn't happy about the recycling situation!


  4. haha this is funny and so true! x

  5. lol great post :-) xx

  6. Brilliant post, this is so true! Ian goes nuts over the recycling and taking photos of our food lol xxx

  7. Lol, I've only been blogging a short while and I can relate to most points already!
    Anneka x

  8. haha this is so cute! Sadly my little ones don't understand the don't move I need to instagram! That to them means quick leg it!!!

  9. Ha I have done this post and it is saved in my drafts lol x

  10. This range true with me from the start - except it's Lemon and Ginger Tea for me, not coffee! My husband snapped at me (which he never does) on Easter Monday when I was taking pictures of bluebells for instagram - 'Will you just put that phone away for a minute!'. Opps.


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