Friday, 9 May 2014

Excuse me, Your geek is showing....

So I have a little confession to make.

I am a nerd.

A big one.

Oh sure, I like to try to be as cool as possible on my blog (No comments thank you! This is me being cool, ok?!)...but secretly, there are some rather embarrassing things I like to keep hidden.

I'm feeling like I want to embrace my inner-geek today, so I thought I'd take the chance to share this side of me with you...

So here they are.....My Geek Confessions:

1) I LOVE The Eurovision Song Contest.

I do. I LOVE it. And I mean like...LOVE-LOVE it. 

Pre-baby, I would always either go to a Eurovision party or throw a Eurovision party.

It was a big highlight on my social calendar.

Now the parties aren't so feasible...but it doesn't stop me loving it.

Eurovision night will always be celebrated with patriotic outfits such as this....

And my child will always be roped in...just like he was last year in his red, white & blue outfit as he watched the show with me....

Cheesy euro-dance, crazy outfits, big hair, badly spoken English....what's not to love?!!!

And while we're on...I'm going to admit....I love this song.

2) I'm a Movie Nerd.

The real Maria Von Trapp!

I can recite certain movies word for word (Labyrinth, The Sound Of Music, name a few).

I know all the irritating little "Behind the scenes" facts about such movies and I will tell them all to anybody who'll listen while they're trying to watch a movie....I know who was originally supposed to play which part (Did you know the actor who played Kenickie was the original Danny Zuko? Did you know baby Toby in Labyrinth is Brian Froud's (The guy who made the goblins) son? Did you know the real Maria Von Trapp was actually a pretty stern, unfriendly woman?)...I could go on with such facts.....

3) It's ALL about the '80s!

I LOVE anything 80's related.

80's movies (Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, ET....amazing!)....

80's fashions (Madonna in her Gothy/Tutu look is my ultimate fashion-envy!)

Especially 80's music....Anything that Pete Waterman was involved in is musical GOLD as far as I am concerned....

Sure I'll happily listen to your Kanye's and your Jay-Z's....but give me some Kylie & Jason and I am one happy chick!

4) Speaking of Kylie & Jason....

I still have hopes that they'll end up living happily ever after.

And I still own the Scott & Charlene wedding dvd.

They are MY real life Cinderella & Prince Charming....Oh Kylie, why did you have to ruin it?!

This onstage reunion made me ridiculously happy!

5) I know all the words to ...

the TLC Waterfalls rap...

And the "rap" in Geri Halliwell's "Mi Chico latino"....Yep, the Spanish one....I don't know what they mean, but I know the words!!

And Shampoo's "Trouble".....and, for that matter, their lesser known "Delicious"....

Oh yeah!!!

So there we have it, confessions of a closet geek.

Now I think its only fair that you share one of YOUR geeky secrets with me! Come on...I promise not to tell!

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