Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fathers Day Is Coming!

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Fathers Day is almost upon us....

The idea of a special day to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood was introduced from the United States. 
A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the American Mother's Day celebrations to plan a day to honor fathers. Father's Day has been celebrated in June since 1910 in the USA. The celebrations in the United Kingdom are thought to have been inspired by the American custom of Father's Day...
For me Fathers Day usually means remembering to buy the usual gift for my Dad....all he ever wants on any occasion is a bottle of whiskey, so at least he's nice & easy to sort out!

But now with Tyne in the picture, there's more to think about...

I need a gift from Tyne to his Daddy....and one from Tyne to his Grandad of course!

I've been trying to get my thinking cap on and having a good browse around the internet tonight, looking for inspiration.

I find men so tricky to buy for...they always seem to have everything they want, their hobbies and interests are so specialist that it's very difficult to know what to buy (unless you share the hobby, and I'm no war gaming fan so I don't know where to start with Jon's hobby!), and they are just not the greatest when it comes to giving out clues on what they'd like.

So instead it's down to us to be imaginative and resourceful when it comes to buying Fathers Day gifts.

So far I've come across a few things that have caught my eye....some a little out of my budget, some just silly fun ideas.....but it's all food for thought.

How cool is this Chanel watch from Watches Of Switzerland?! 
Jon is a real fan of nice, high quality watches and I know he would absolutely ADORE this. His watch broke recently and he's forever complaining that he's lost without it, so I know he'd appreciate the gesture.
A Chanel piece like this is just perfect.....Chic & timeless.
I'd better start saving!

I love quirky little gadget type gifts like this for Fathers Day....

Mothers Day is all about the pretty flowers and the nice chocolates, but Fathers Day is all about the fun and the quirky-factor!

Jon is such a gadget geek and is forever drinking I know he'd really appreciate an unusual gift like this from Tyne!

And finally, for my Dad from Tyne....something sentimental.

I bought a Dear Dad book from this range for him a couple of years back, and he loved the idea of it - he spent hours filling it in and it's such a lovely keepsake and way to find out things about your family members that you never did before.

I think this is a perfect gift from a young child to a grandparent, something they'll treasure forever.

So these are my initial thoughts on Fathers Day gifts this year, I'll be back soon with my annual comprehensive guide to the best Fathers Day gifts on the market!

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