Thursday, 1 May 2014

Five Among Friends Linky: Your Home Edition!

Hello and welcome to this month's Five Among Friends! 

This month's questions were created by Lauren from MrsHippo&Me

The theme is... YOUR HOME (with photos!!)

''This month I thought I'd do something a little different. One photo alone speaks a thousand words so instead of you just writing your answers, I want to see them! So add an accompanying photo along with your answer'' Lauren @ MrsHippo&Me

1.) Where do you live? 

I live in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Newton Abbot is a little market town located on the River Teign with a population of around 23,500 people (Thanks Mr Google!)

It's apparently known for its historic cheese & onion fayre...... :/ How exciting.

I have to admit to not being the biggest fan of Newton Abbot, but I do love the surrounding areas such as Torquay which is literally 10 minutes down the road.

We rent a 3 bedroom terraced house.....This one to specific

2.) Which room in your home do you spend the most time in and why? 

Probably my bedroom - because its where I sleep, and also where I do my hair and make up and often Tyne will want to play in there coz he likes the mirror on the wardrobe.

I spend the evenings in the living room or the office, but most days I'll be out so I'd say the bedroom is definitely where most time is spent.

3.)  Within your home, which is your most treasured item?

That's a tough one - I'd probably have to say this photo of Tyne, because its the first one we had of him - its his Bounty photo from the hospital and it sits in the centre of the mantel.

If not that, my second choice would be my large canvas of Liverpools skyline

My mum bought it for me not long after I left home, and its been a staple part of every home I've had since and always will be.

No matter where I live, Liverpool is always going to be my proper home and this canvas is my little slice of Home away from Home.

4.) Do you have a favourite item or group of items? This can be furniture, photographs, ornaments..anything you like. 

Definitely photos - I think when you live in rented accomodation that photos are what make it feel like home. I love having them dotted around everywhere!

I also really like our dining table....

5.) What is the strangest thing in your home? 

Hmm I've really struggled with this one. I'm sure there are things that other people would find strange but I can't think of anything that I personally find strange.

I guess maybe this print might be strange to some people if you don't know the story behind it?

It's a print from the Sea Odyssey giant puppets who did a 3 day display in Liverpool for the Titanic anniversary - the little girl was supposed to be a Girl who's father was lost on the ship, and the diver was returning a letter of his to her - the giant puppets made their way separately across Liverpool for 3 days and people would turn up to see them, eventually they were united on the last day in the city centre.

I thought it was so cool and I'm so excited that they're doing it again this year!

I guess some people might also find my fairy figurines strange, but I just love fairies and I've always collected these.

You may also have noticed in photos such as these....

That theres a little something down by my feet.....I do have a fairy door in my bedroom!

A) Because I love them and B) Because Jon made this for me himself before we were dating....

There you have it guys, we hope you enjoyed reading this month's Five Among Friends. Don't forget, you can join in on the fun too!! All you have to do is copy the questions on to your blog and add your link to the Linky below!

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