Monday, 5 May 2014

Heatless Wavy Hair - Tutorial

Well I've made my very first tutorial video!

Lately I've been absolutely LOVING the heatless beach hair look....

What I love about it is that it takes literally 4 minutes to do before bed, and in the morning you just take the hairband out and you're ready to go - but it looks like you spent time on your hair when you didn't!

I'm not quite comfortable with speaking to the camera yet so I came up with a different non-speaking way of filming a tutorial video...

I even braved baring my morning make-up free face! eeeeek!!!! Sorry about that!

I have other tutorials in the pipelines including a Fishtail plat tutorial and an Elsa From Frozen Inspired Look tutorial....

They're really fun to film and edit, so if you enjoy it please subscribe to my new channel :)

Super Busy Mum

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