Monday, 5 May 2014

Heatless Wavy Hair - Tutorial

Well I've made my very first tutorial video!

Lately I've been absolutely LOVING the heatless beach hair look....

What I love about it is that it takes literally 4 minutes to do before bed, and in the morning you just take the hairband out and you're ready to go - but it looks like you spent time on your hair when you didn't!

I'm not quite comfortable with speaking to the camera yet so I came up with a different non-speaking way of filming a tutorial video...

I even braved baring my morning make-up free face! eeeeek!!!! Sorry about that!

I have other tutorials in the pipelines including a Fishtail plat tutorial and an Elsa From Frozen Inspired Look tutorial....

They're really fun to film and edit, so if you enjoy it please subscribe to my new channel :)

Super Busy Mum

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  1. What a fab and easy way to do this it looks x

  2. Oh wow! Your hair is gorgeous, love the pink ombre :)

    Great tutorial! Can't believe this look is so easy to create, I'll try it soon!

    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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  3. great video Hayley i cant wait for the fishtail plat and the Elsa look!

  4. This is such a cool way of doing it! I'm awful at curling hair with straighteners, I'm so going to give this a go on myself and my daughter :) Can't wait for your other tutorials x

  5. Thank you for this. Definitely going to give it a go as I am useless at curling my hair!

  6. brilliant !!!! am going to try it tonite :-) and if i wake up that beautiful i'l be happy lol xx

  7. Well done making your first video ! #MMWBH

  8. def guna give this a go looks so simple

  9. This is so good! I've never heard of this method before but it looks so easy, great video! xxxx

  10. Your hair looks amazing! The way you've managed to dip dye your hair looks so simple! I always thought it would be a nightmare!

  11. How gorgeous does your hair look woman! Loving it. My hair mostly displays that "I've not been brushed in over 24hrs look" lol!!! Thanks so much for linking up #MMWBH x


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