Sunday, 25 May 2014

Making Money from Home

*This is a collaborative post

Most Mums I know, myself included, are always keen to make an extra bit of money from home where possible.

As I work from home, this is something I am often thinking about - If I can come up with news ways to make a bit of extra cash without having to pay out for childcare then I'm one happy mama!

Here are some of the ways I have tried out myself in the past that have worked pretty well for me...


This is what I do, and its something that I find works perfectly as a stay at home Mum - I use a site called PeoplePerHour and it allows me to pause my availability as suits me, so I can accept work when I have the free time to undertake it.

I personally use the site to look for freelancing writing and proof reading jobs, but there are all manner of jobs available through the site...everything from graphic design, tech support, CV writing and so on.

You can set your price as high or low as you wish, and once you've completed a few jobs and built your feedback score...the work really starts to steadily stream in.

Online Selling

Most people would automatically think of ebay here, and thats fine - eBay works well.

But I personally find their fees have become very high and doesn't always leave a very healthy profit for the seller, so I prefer to use local selling groups on social media sites such as Facebook.

Instagram can also be a handy way to sell unwanted items, as can blog sales and sites such as Gumtree.

Taking Paid Surveys

This is something that Jon does regularly, and he tends to make an extra £30 or £40 a month from it...not a great deal but a nice little bit of extra spending money for very little effort as each survey tends to only take around 5 minutes to complete.


My mum was a child minder when we were growing up, and my sister has followed in her footsteps.

If you like working with children, child minding can be an ideal way for stay at home mums to get an income....if you're staying at home with your own children and you have the energy and resources to care for an extra child or two at the same time, why not?!

It can be a little costly to register with the average set up cost being around £200, and its always worth checking how many childminders are registered in your area first as you don't want to pay to register only to find your street is filled with childminders with free spaces!

Turn A Hobby Into A Business

This is something I recently did with my crafts, and with the help of Facebook selling sites it can be quite lucrative.

If you have a hobby such as crafting, knitting, making cards, sewing, etc you could be onto a winner.

I find that anything personalised sells very well....especially around the holiday season!

If making extra money is something you're interested in, take a look at Knowledge to Action...
Also, if you have a spare few minutes....try this currency/money quiz! I got 7 out of 10...Can you beat me?!

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